5 Easy Tips for Outlook
Jul 13, 2023 7:00 PM

5 Easy Tips for Outlook

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It’s assumed everyone “knows how to use email” these days and rarely does anyone ever take the time to share simple tips and tricks that make a big difference.

Outlook, a widely-used application by Microsoft, can often be challenging to navigate and manage. Some frequent issues include managing inboxes, searching emails, scheduling meetings, and organizing calendars. The tool's full potential can be tapped into with some tips and tricks shared by Emma Hall to enhance work efficiency.

  • 1. Color code your calendar to get a better visual representation of your week and ensure adequate preparation for your meetings. Categorizing meetings helps to avoid double-booking and manage multiple workstreams simultaneously.
  • 2. File emails by projects or categories to reduce the time spent searching for specific emails in the inbox.
  • 3. Utilize Outlook’s search bar to quickly locate emails and other items. This is especially useful for finding emails from a specific person or emails with specific keywords.
  • 4. Use the task manager to organize and prioritize tasks. This will help keep track of tasks and ensure they are completed in a timely manner.
  • 5. Take advantage of the calendar reminders to ensure you stay on top of important tasks or meetings. You can even set up recurring reminders to stay on top of recurring tasks or events.


Diving Deeper Into Outlook

Outlook, as a comprehensive Microsoft application, can function as a robust organizational tool if utilized effectively. By incorporating color codes to your calendar, you allow yourself to visualize your upcoming tasks and engagements better. Avoid overlapping schedules and have adequate preparation for all your activities. Streamlining emails by projects or categories eases navigation within your inbox, providing quicker access to necessary mails. These strategies combined can notably enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow in Outlook.

Learn about 5 Easy Tips for Outlook

Maximizing Microsoft Outlook can help ease stress and increase productivity in the workplace. Here are five easy tips to help you do just that:


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