4 out of 5 tasks completed
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Apr 7, 2024 1:30 PM

4 out of 5 tasks completed

by HubSite 365 about Mark Kashman (The KashBox)

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft (SharePoint)

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Key insights




  • Completion of tasks is a central duty in the workplace, emphasized by a 84% completion rate for the "Planner Marketing Moments Plan" involving over 70 members.
  • The "Meet the Makers" webcast, part of the New Planner launch, assembled top Microsoft Planner team members, highlighting the tool's integration of simplicity, collaboration, and intelligence.
  • A highly interactive New Planner AMA session attracted 800 live attendees, fostering community engagement and providing valuable insights into user feedback and questions.
  • The GA blog post serves as an informative source for understanding the new Microsoft Planner's functionalities, offering a blend of task management tools in a unified experience.
  • An upcoming breakout session at #M365CON aims to further discuss the new Microsoft Planner, focusing on user experiences, feature introductions, and future roadmap tasks.

Exploring the Evolution and Impact of Microsoft Planner

Completing tasks at work is essential as it helps us check items off our list and enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing our goals. Mark Kashman highlighted the role of Microsoft's Planner tool in managing tasks efficiently. The Planner project, led by Kashman and his team, involved over 70 employees working on a marketing plan and achieved an 84% completion rate with more tasks on the horizon.

The "Planner Marketing Moments Plan", tracked within Microsoft Teams, helped monitor tasks across various departments. A notable achievement was the "Meet the Makers" webcast which discussed the future of task and project management integrating Microsoft's various tools. This event, among others, underscores Microsoft's commitment to enhancing workplace productivity.

Several key tasks were highlighted in the article, such as the successful AMA session which fostered community engagement and provided valuable insights into Planner's development. The GA blog post marked the beginning of the new Planner journey within Teams, aiming for a seamless integration of Microsoft's project management tools. Additionally, the updated Planner adoption hub serves as a comprehensive resource for news, demos, and user support.

Looking forward to the future, a breakout session at the Microsoft 365 Community Conference will delve deeper into merging Planner with other Microsoft tools for an improved task management experience. The team's enthusiasm for meeting users and discussing the roadmap emphasizes ongoing development to meet user needs.

  • Completion of key tasks for Planner's development and marketing
  • Efficient task management within the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Engaging the community through AMA sessions and webcasts
  • Resources and support available through the Planner adoption hub
  • Future developments aimed at unifying task management tools

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    4 out of 5, when expressed as a fraction, 4/5, calculates to an equivalent of 80%.

    How do you express 4 as a percentage of 5?

    To translate the ratio 4:5 into a percentage, you simply multiply 4 by 100, resulting in 80%. This reveals that 4 is 80% of 5.

    How do you calculate percentage of tasks completed?

    To measure the percentage of tasks you've accomplished, the formula to apply is =completed/total. "Completed" refers to the count of finalized tasks, while "total" signifies the aggregate number of tasks. The result will be a decimal that reflects the completed tasks percentage.

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