Optimize with 4 Key Environment Settings in Dataverse
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Sep 26, 2023 11:50 AM

Optimize with 4 Key Environment Settings in Dataverse

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Strengthen your Power Platform admin strategy with these 4 crucial Dataverse environment settings.

Exploring Microsoft Platform Admin & Governance

If you're managing Microsoft's Power Platform, your detailed attention to administrative and governance strategies is crucial. This article, from the MVP Lewis Baybutt, recommends you inspect four key environment settings within Dataverse, providing a great starting point for appropriately configuring your Power Platform environments.

This article underlines aspects already covered in previous blog posts, including one on Power Platform Environment Configuration & Governance, and further adds four more tips to better navigate Dataverse settings.

Firstly, future code creators should be authorized to publish Canvas Apps with code components. Various community components for usage in Power Apps may have caught your attention. These typically come as code components or 'pcf's. For instance, the Creator Kit offered by a certain tech giant offers a glimpse into such community code components.

Having this freedom to publish can make creators feel more powered up, hence it's suggested to keep this option on. However, caution is advised to ascertain that used code components are from trusted sources, which may require additional training for users or restricting this function to experienced developers.

Sharing reassigned records with the original owner is the second tip, which can be quite useful in solutions like Dynamics. A case in point would be when a Dynamics account manager's account or opportunity gets reassigned to another manager. Having the ability to share reassigned records with previous owners can be crucial in such circumstances, helping them to aid the new owner if needed.

Thirdly, enabling the option showing co-presence of colleagues on forms can also prove beneficial. When this toggle in the features area of an environment's settings is turned on, users can identify when they are working on the same form or record as another person. This visibility promotes collaboration and co-working, without fear of unintentionally interrupting a peer.

Last tip involves encouraging the use of Dataverse solutions by allowing the creation of new canvas apps within them. This would help enforce better development practices and Application Lifecycle Management.

The same technology firm's functionality allows these apps to be transferable between environments as managed or unmanaged solutions—effectively promoting further adoption of solutions in organizations.

Final Word

A closer peek at Dataverse's four key settings can tremendously impact your experience with the Power Platform, optimizing your admin and governance strategy. For more insights, click here.

From giving creators extra autonomy to implementing efficient solutions, the proposed tweaks can better tailor the platform's environment to your organizational needs. An informed admin and governance approach, coupled with a consistent strategy, can indeed unlock the full potential of this platform.

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Microsoft Dataverse - Optimize with 4 Key Environment Settings in Dataverse

Learn about 4 environment settings to check out in Dataverse

In the era of the Power Platform, it is crucial to ensure that your administration and governance strategy are up to par. In order to successfully configure and manage your Platform environments, there are four environment settings that should be considered.

The first setting encourages the creation of Canvas Apps with code components. Power Apps often comprise these components, specifically in the form of Power Apps Component Framework (PCF). Why limit this option to developers only when your Power Platform creators can use these tools optimally? An example of these components can be seen in the Creator Kit by Dataverse's parent company. Remember to trust only credible sources for these code components and if necessary, provide training to your users, especially if they're in large numbers.

  • In Dataverse, there's a toggle called "Share reassigned records with original owner". This works best with Dynamics solutions and ensures that prior record owners maintain access to the records after reassignment. Imagine an account being reassigned to a new manager, this feature enables the previous manager to lend a supporting hand if need be.
  • Ever find yourself working on the same form or record as a colleague? This is where the "Show co-presence of colleagues on forms" feature comes in handy. Turn this toggle on from the settings and users will be able to see when they're actively working on the same form and record as another person. This promotes seamless collaboration and avoids unnecessary interruptions.
  • Another feature that favors Dataverse solutions is "Create new canvas apps in Dataverse solutions". This is ideal if you're keen on driving the adoption of solutions in your organization or promoting better ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) practices. This shows that when canvas apps are created, they are generated inside a new Dataverse solution and can be moved between environments effortlessly.

Understanding and implementing these tips and settings can significantly improve how your organization utilizes its Power Platform environments. With an effective administration and governance strategy, optimal Platform solutions will naturally be adopted in your organization.

These key insights are not new and have been discussed previously on this blog, though undoubtedly it's always worth a reminder for both new and experienced users. Enhance your Power Platform experience with these easy-to-follow tips!

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