Site Design in SharePoint: Top 3 Effective Approaches
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Oct 19, 2022 9:27 PM

Site Design in SharePoint: Top 3 Effective Approaches

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Unlock your SharePoint potential: Learn 3 strategic approaches to site design as a Site Owner in SharePoint.

In a recent blog post by SharePoint Maven Inc, the author provides educational insights on tackling Site Design in SharePoint Online by outlining three different methods that a SharePoint Site Owner can use when setting up a SharePoint site for their organization.

The first method, entitled "Create a Site from Scratch," suggests that owners possessing technical know-how can commence their SharePoint site from zero and make adjustments to suit specific needs. This involved shaping up the existing default page by integrating or eliminating web parts, sections, and columns.

The second technique, referred to as "Apply Site Template," hints at how a SharePoint site can be beautified rapidly by installing one of the obtainable templates/themes. This method streamlines the formatting process, as it adds necessary web parts and auto-adjusts site layout hinged on selected use case or templates. More information about applying site templates can be found here.

While sites can be spiced up quickly, and although pre-existing sites can have templates applied to, there are a few restrictions. Cleaning up unnecessary components like unused modules (Yammer, for example), and the inability to restore or undo template applications lend to this method's limitations.

The third approach, "Install a Template from Lookbook," is similar to the previous method but with an expansive gallery of site templates from the SharePoint Lookbook. Installation of these templates results in various components being added to your site (pages, web parts, etc.). Sadly, this also comes with a drawback of being unable to undo or restore changes, prompting the necessity for manual cleaning of all installed pages, navigation, and web parts if a reversal is required.

A More General View of Site Design in SharePoint Online

Modern day SharePoint online site design has gone a long way, compared to the tradition SharePoint experience before the 2016 upgrade. Site owners currently have a horde of intuitive tools and modern page designs at their disposal when creating their organizational site. Designing a SharePoint site from scratch requires technical knowledge and provides room for a fully customized look and feel. Applying a site template can quickly infuse flair into an existing SharePoint site by installing preset templates, although extras like Yammer may need cleaning up after being installed by a template. The method of installing a template from the Lookbook offers a wider range of design choices, but like the second option, reversal is not easy. Understanding these options, SharePoint site owners can make an educated choice on the design approach that suits their organizational needs best.

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SharePoint Online - Site Design in SharePoint: Top 3 Effective Approaches

Learn about 3 ways to approach Site Design in SharePoint

Being a Microsoft SharePoint Site Owner presents a unique set of challenges. It can feel daunting, especially if you're new to the role. However, the good news is, modern SharePoint versions have made the task of creating and designing a site much easier than it was in the pre-2016 era. Here, we'll explore three different approaches to Site Design on Microsoft's SharePoint platform.

Option 1: Creating a Site From Scratch
This method is best suited for individuals well-acquainted with SharePoint. To start, you design a new site and then modify it to your liking by adding or removing sections, web parts, and columns. For a detailed guide on this process, consider enrolling in a course that covers this aspect of SharePoint which is widely available online.

  • Advantages:

  • Disadvantages:

Option 2: Applying a Site Template
In this approach, you can leverage one of the readily available themes/templates in SharePoint's library. A site template is an easy way to add a unique touch to your page. However, remember that a template may also install some features you don't require, necessitating some housekeeping post-installation. But don't worry; some online resources can guide you through this process.

  • Pros:

    • A cost-effective way to enhance your site's appearance.
    • Allows templates to be added to an existing site.
    • Possible to devise and implement your custom layouts.
  • Cons:

    • Requires Site Owner rights to implement a template.
    • Unwanted modules may also get installed alongside the template.
    • Selection range of templates is quite limited.
    • At present, no provision to undo template application; you must manually delete extra pages, navigation, and web parts installed with the template.

Option 3: Using a Lookbook Template
Akin to Option 2, this method offers a wider range of site templates from SharePoint's Lookbook. Remember, this requires Microsoft 365 Global Admin rights for Lookbook template installation on your tenant with a new site created. Be aware, similar to Option 2, the Lookbook template installation might necessitate post-installation cleanup.

  • Pros:

    • Quick way to establish an aesthetically pleasing site.
    • Vast range of template options to suit various use cases.
  • Cons:

    • Requires Microsoft 365 Global administrator rights for Lookbook template installation.
    • Lookbook template cannot be executed on an existing site - a new site is required.
    • May install unnecessary modules that could require post-installation cleanup.
    • Currently, there is no provision to undo the application of the Lookbook template, similar to Option 2.

In conclusion, being a SharePoint Site Owner can initially appear intimidating, but with available design options and numerous online resources, it becomes a manageable task. Choose the approach that best suits your needs and proficiency level, and don't hesitate to explore online courses or tutorials for guidance and skill enhancement.

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