D365 Sales 2024 Wave 1 Update: Essential Guide
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Feb 24, 2024 11:00 AM

D365 Sales 2024 Wave 1 Update: Essential Guide

by HubSite 365 about Dian Taylor - [MVP] (Dynamics 365 Talk)

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Discover D365 Sales 2024 Wave 1: New Copilot Features & Productivity Boosts!

Key insights


Key Insights from the 2024 Wave 1 Release Notes - D365 Sales

  • Sales Engagement Enhancements: The 2024 wave 1 brings significant updates to the sales accelerator, chiefly through features like seamless task execution with the preview of Sequence steps, improved customer engagement via sequence preview, and the facilitation for sellers to work on multiple sequences simultaneously, thereby enhancing productivity.

  • Sales Execution and Sales Force Automation: New features such as assignment rule execution notifications and the ability to assign leads/opportunities based on seller capacity are introduced. These enhancements aim at streamlining sales management and enabling more customized seller workload management.

  • Revamped Seller Experiences: Dynamics 365 Sales users can look forward to a refreshed interface with the new look being automatically enabled. Additional updates include a customized lead qualification process and the enhanced focused mode as the default view for the lead entity, simplifying the user experience.

  • Copilot and AI Innovations: The release introduces Sales Copilot functionalities including email assistance, summarizing lengthy emails, real-time insights from the Copilot page, and AI-generated account summaries. These features leverage AI to enhance sales pitch, streamline information gathering, and boost overall sales productivity.

  • Product Content Recommendations and AI Insights: With the ability to receive content recommendations and insights on successful past deals from Copilot, sellers can now access essential sales documents more efficiently and gain insights into historical opportunity data to inform their strategies.


Further Exploration on Dynamics 365 Sales Innovations

The latest wave of updates to Dynamics 365 Sales introduces an array of features designed to transform the way sales teams operate. Central to this is the integration of AI through Copilot functionalities, which not only simplifies but also personalizes the sales process. The move towards a more engaging sales engagement tool supports sellers in handling tasks and customer interactions more effectively, providing them with a platform that adapts to their needs. Furthermore, the focus on enhancing the seller experience, particularly through a refreshed user interface and optimized lead management processes, signifies Microsoft's commitment to creating a seamless and efficient environment for sales professionals.




By leveraging AI for content recommendations and sales insights, these updates promise to minimize the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing sellers to focus on delivering value and building stronger customer relationships. The introduction of real-time insights and AI-generated summaries offers a glimpse into the future of sales support, where data-driven decisions become the norm. As Dynamics 365 Sales continues to evolve, it's clear that Microsoft is positioning the platform to be at the forefront of sales technology, where innovation meets practicality.

Microsoft has once again updated their suite with the 2024 wave 1 release notes, bringing new features across various applications, including Dynamics 365 Sales. Dian Taylor [MVP] offers a comprehensive look into what's to come, emphasizing the enhanced functionality of Sales Copilot. This new product aims to bolster sales teams' productivity, set to launch on February 1, 2024.

Key updates under the "Sales Engagement" section focus on the sales accelerator and sequence management. Features such as viewing sequence steps in a preview and improving customer engagement with sequence previews will become available. These tools are designed to seamlessly guide sellers through multiple sales tasks and enhance customer interaction.

The "Sales Execution and Sales Force Automation" categories introduce advancements in work assignment and sales record management. Notification configurations after assignment rule executions and assigning leads based on seller capacity are set to streamline sales processes. Both features expand on the existing capabilities of the sales accelerator.


Lastly, the Copilot and AI Innovation section reveals exciting features around Copilot email assistance, summarizing lengthy emails, and real-time insights on the Copilot page. Additionally, AI-generated account summaries, product content recommendations, and AI-suggested successful deals aim to leverage AI to empower sellers.

  • Preview Sequence steps feature for enhanced seller visibility.
  • Multiple sequences connectivity improves multi-tasking on customer engagement.
  • Notification triggers for assignment rule execution enhance sales operations.
  • Seller capacity management for optimized lead and opportunity distribution.
  • Refreshed seller interface for better user experience.
  • Customizable lead qualification process for streamlined conversions.
  • Email drafting and summarizing tools powered by Copilot for efficiency.
  • Real-time insights and AI-generated summaries on Copilot page for strategic decision-making.
  • Product content recommendations to speed up sales documentation access.
  • AI suggestions for revisiting successful deals to replicate sales success.

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Dynamics 365 - D365 Sales 2024 Wave 1 Update: Essential Guide



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