PowerApps & PowerPlatform Latest Updates: 2023 Release Wave 1
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Sep 26, 2023 12:39 PM

PowerApps & PowerPlatform Latest Updates: 2023 Release Wave 1

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Experience the latest updates in Microsofts 2023 Release Wave 1 with advanced features for Dynamics 365, Viva Sales, and PowerPlatform for an efficient business

Detailed Insight of 2023 Release Wave 1 for PowerApps and PowerPlatform

The 2023 Release Wave 1 for the PowerApps and Power Platform unveils the exciting updates that customers can expect, as well as the features underway for release. Given from April through September 2023, these features are anticipated to revolutionize the way businesses operate, by offering more flexibility, efficiency, and innovation.

The new features will enable you to transform your operations significantly across different aspects, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance, and Supply Chain Management, among others. More info here.

Dynamics 365 Marketing, for instance, is set to offer unified sales and marketing capabilities, enabling marketers to increase their output and efficiency while also boosting marketing maturity. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Sales will release enhanced sequence capabilities for personalized engagement, as well as AI-powered suggestions to improve the seller workflow.

Viva Sales intends to optimize the seller experience in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, using data and AI to streamline workflows and enhance customer connection. The ranges of features for customer service are equally exciting, aiming to drive more efficiency through agent workspace enhancement, more robust analytics with customization, and AI integration across the contact center.

As for financial operations, Dynamics 365 Finance aims to enhance visibility of data, thereby automating finance and expanding country coverage in LATAM. More so, there will be more investments in enhancing One Admin, One Developer, and One User experiences, focusing on enabling Finance and Operations applications on the power-enhancing software.

From human resources to commerce, fraud protection, and SMB, the wave of innovation aims to revolutionize how businesses operate. Lastly, specific key dates have been set for the 2023 Release wave 1. The release plans will be available as of January 25, 2023, with early access available on January 30, 2023.


The 2023 Release Wave 1 encompasses ground-breaking capabilities to transform your business entirely. The improvements are aimed at enabling you to automate tasks, optimize workflows, and ultimately boost productivity while also minimizing costs. The Dynamics 365 release wave 1, Microsoft Viva Sales, and Power Platform updates demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to innovation.

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Power Apps - PowerApps & PowerPlatform Latest Updates: 2023 Release Wave 1

Learn about 2023 Release Wave 1: Latest Announcements for PowerApps and PowerPlatform

The 2023 Release Wave 1: Latest Announcements for PowerApps and PowerPlatform provides essential information about the additions and upgrades in Microsoft's PowerApps, the PowerPlatform, and Dynamics 365. This article offers a comprehensive guide on Dynamics 365, Viva Sales, and the supply chain platform for the first wave of the 2023 release. The release plan covers new features to be released from April 2023 through September 2023.

One can further benefit from the downloadable PDF version which is updated with every publish. The 2023 release wave 1 provides significant capabilities to transform businesses, bringing hundreds of new features across Dynamics 365 applications, including Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service, among others.

The Power Platform features expected in the 2023 release wave 1 have been compiled in a different release plan, as well as an available downloadable PDF. Microsoft Cloud for Industry features projected for the 2023 release wave 1 have also been summarized in a separate release plan and downloadable PDF.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing delivers connected sales and marketing capabilities. New features like a B2B analytics dashboard and others will be launched in this wave to increase output, organizational efficiency, and the impact analysis of campaigns.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Sales brings new features such as enhanced sequence capabilities supporting personalized and account-based engagement, actionable AI-powered suggestions within the seller workflow, and an updated form layout among other updates. Microsoft Viva Sales concentrates on enhancing the seller experience.

The planned upgrades in the Service sector ensures that Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables agents to perform more efficiently. The enhancements include voice features, unified routing, Microsoft Teams collaboration, and elements of the agent workspace. Investments in AI, intelligent-suggested replies, and robust real-time analytics are also a part of the upgrade plan.

In terms of Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 Finance focuses on enhancing organizational visibility into their data, continuing finance automation, and expanding out-of-the-box country coverage in LATAM. Also, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management will deliver increased agility and resilience across the supply chain.

Human Resources, Commerce, Fraud Protection, SMB, Guides, Customer Insights, Customer Voice, and Supply Chain Center arrays are also scheduled for improvements and will focus on streamlining specific demands and considerations of those disciplines.

The key dates for the 2023 release wave 1 are specified, including the release plans availability, early access availability, release plans available in additional languages, and general availability.

Finally, the community is invited to provide feedback on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community forums to make continual improvements. Therefore, we welcome you to familiarize yourself with these upgrades and see how these new services and capabilities enrich your business. Let's together experience the digital transformation of your businesses with the 2023 release wave 1.

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