Highlight Features of the 2023 Release Wave 1 Update
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M365 Release
Sep 26, 2023 12:50 PM

Highlight Features of the 2023 Release Wave 1 Update

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Explore 2023 Release Wave 1 Highlights with our Microsoft expert! Discover new features across Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dataverse!

Learn about 2023 Release Wave 1 Highlights

The highlight of M365 Release (used 1/3) Wave 1 for 2023 showcases feature enhancements focusing on Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate, and cross app capabilities with Finance and Operations.

In terms of Power Apps, updates include provisions for automated tests for custom pages and model-driven apps, co-authoring with other makers in the modern app designer, and improved productivity with modern app designer improvements. This will provide a more user-friendly and collaborative experience.

Dataverse brings more potential to personal environments. Features created will govern personal environments, optimizing Dataverse for better usage efficiency and accessibility. These changes will empower users to fully maximize personal environments without limitations.

Investment areas covered in the release include Microsoft 365 collaboration, Enterprise trust, Dataverse personal environments, Power Fx in Dataverse, and Dataverse extensibility. Positive changes to these areas will provide users with richer and more dynamic experiences in the future.

Developer Environments are expected to significantly improve. Makers can now quickly and easily access a Dataverse environment, enhancing workplace productivity and accessibility.

The Microsoft 365 Collaboration update focuses on improving user and maker capabilities. For instance, users can now efficiently track emails from Outlook and have them saved in their other apps.

Pro Developer Enhancements include new APIs, extensibility, and improvements to ALM management amongst other things. These changes infuse innovation into the environment and breathe new life and potential into it.

Power Automate has added the abilities to store cloud flow execution history in Microsoft Dataverse, use natural language to create flows with examples.

For Finance & Operations, improvements and upgrades will be made where the platform meets Dataverse. Developers can now write business logic that spans both platforms (Finance and Operations apps and Dataverse) in a transactional, consistent manner.

Overall, M365 Release (used 2/3) 2023 Wave 1 aims to bring fluid and seamless collaboration between all platforms under the Microsoft suite, providing users with a unified and cohesive experience.

In conclusion, learning more about these topics can be done through Microsoft's official courses or various independent online technology platforms offering Microsoft products training. After completing these courses, users will hopefully be well-versed about the updates, enhancements and will have no further questions on the M365 Release (used 3/3).

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