D365 Sales 2023 Release Wave 1 - Detailed Notes Part 1
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Sep 26, 2023 3:23 PM

D365 Sales 2023 Release Wave 1 - Detailed Notes Part 1

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Unlock insights on Microsofts 2023 Release Wave 1 updates to D365 Sales – a comprehensive review of all the new AI driven features and enhancements.

Summarised Overview of the 2023 Release Wave 1: D365 Sales Release Notes

The new and eagerly awaited 2023 Release Wave 1 was announced on January 25, 2023. This release is expected to introduce a broad range of features, some of which might be replaced or updated constantly, hence the need to keep an eye out for changes. Many updates are particularly geared toward D365 Sales, prompting a split of this article into two parts. Don't miss out on the second part coming next week!
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) steals the spotlight in Revenue Intelligence, with Microsoft investing considerably in this area. These AI applications will support sellers in navigating their path successfully. To further explain their functionalities, comments have been added alongside the features mentioned.

Under Sales Engagement, several features are, again, employing AI to optimise sales processes. These include providing insights for calls made via third-party softphones, enhancing lead qualification with intent detection, guiding sellers to make beneficial sales decisions, and enabling efficient sales accelerator worklist items.

There is also an array of updates in sales forecasting. These features enable the creation of flexible forecasts based on one's business unit, and improve forecasting accuracy through yearly and weekly forecasts. Note that currently forecasting is only available for Monthly or Quarterly periods.

Additionally, the Deal Manager finally gets a global roll-out, and it promises to streamline users' experience by personalising views, updating rows using the editable grid and side panel, and allowing administrators to customise various aspects of the tool.

  • AI-powered Insights for 3rd party calls: Enables better understanding of calls made through third-party softphones.
  • Improved lead qualification: AI assists in detecting customer intent from emails for better lead qualification.
  • Guided Seller Outcomes: AI-based system guides sellers to make optimal decisions.
  • Enhanced Sales Accelerator worklist: Offering an updated look and UI, this feature shows sellers the interaction areas they need to focus on.

Be aware, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more features in the pipeline for D365 Sales and the second part of this article will delve deeper into the new updates.

General Overview of the Main Topic:

The 2023 Release Wave 1 showcases the impactful role AI will play in transforming sales processes. The infusion of AI in various functionalities provides more context, efficiency, and accuracy, all of which stand to revolutionise the way sales operate. The forthcoming features promise to further enhance seller productivity, customer engagement, and overall business performance. Proactively adapting to these advancements can lead to significant business gains.

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Dynamics 365 - D365 Sales 2023 Release Wave 1 - Detailed Notes Part 1

Learn about 2023 Release Wave 1: D365 Sales Release Notes | Part 1

The latest 2023 Release Wave 1: Microsoft D365 Sales Release has brought together an amalgamation of features and updates that present a significant transformation for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Users are advised to consistently keep their eyes on these updates as adjustments may occur over time. CRM platforms, such as D365, offer not only updates for the sales sector but also introduce a plethora of new and exciting features.

Revenue Intelligence and AI Integration

Microsoft is doubling down on the integration of artificial intelligence into their systems for this release. There is a significant presence of AI functionality designed to assist users in optimizing their sales efforts. For instance, enhancements to the management of opportunities through a new pipeline view appear to align with the release of a new 'Deal Manager' feature. This ability permits users to individualize their views, amend rows using the editable grid, and explore pertinent metrics.

  • Notably, there's a progressive shift towards personalizing experiences using AI, which can help salespersons stay on course.
  • Moreover, administrators will now be equipped with the tools to tailor the side panel for custom fields and business rules as well.

Sales Forecasting and Enhancements
Forecasting tools for sales get a spotlight in this release, especially with new features allowing for more tailored forecasting. For example, sales representatives can now create sales forecasts specific to a business unit, possibly driving a sharper focus on the sales progression of individual units.

Another long-awaited feature in sales forecasting is the option to adjust forecast accuracy with yearly and weekly predictions. Users can now schedule Weekly or Annual forecasts, offering more flexibility in tracking the sales progression.

Sales Engagement
Tech giant Microsoft touts a range of features in the sales engagement category in its CRM platforms. An example is the potential for selling teams to get insights on calls made via third-party softphones directly from D365.

Another innovative addition is the 'Improve lead qualification with intent detection' function. Initialized with AI, this feature provides the ability to discern customer intent from their emails, ensuring high quality leads are worked on timely.

Furthermore, Microsoft has renewed the 'Up Next' feature with AI-based suggestions, guiding the seller towards favourable sales outcomes while leaving the final decision to the seller.

Total Work Efficiency
The ability to 'Prioritize engagement for any sales entity by working in focus mode' adds to the list of substantial features in the sales category of D365. To top it off, Microsoft also offers the prospect of an entirely revamped user interface for the sales accelerator worklist.

Upcoming Features
The updates for D365 Sales are continual, and users can anticipate more features. Relevant information regarding this will be available in the next part of the 2023 Release Wave 1 for D365 Sales. For up-to-the-minute information about D365 updates, users can simply subscribe to the official blog.

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