2 ways to organize department news on your SharePoint Hub
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Feb 27, 2023 9:00 PM

2 ways to organize department news on your SharePoint Hub

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One of the primary goals of the Intranet portals is, of course, to share the news and announcements within the organization. SharePoint has some fantastic optio


Use Case

Most small organizations have just one area for news and announcements on the main landing page ( Home Site ). And most likely, you have just one person managing those announcements. However, if you are part of a larger organization, you probably have different categories of announcements managed and curated by different employees and departments. So the advice below is really for this situation described above.

Option 1: Organize department news via Metadata Categories

Option 2: Organize department news via separate sites on Hub

2 ways to organize department news on your SharePoint Hub | SharePoint Maven

There are two main ways to organize department news on your SharePoint Hub: by topic and by date.

Organizing the news by topic means that all related articles, announcements, and other content will be placed in one section or folder of the hub. This helps users quickly find what they need without having to search through multiple sections for each piece of information. It also makes it easier for new members of the team to understand where certain types of information can be found.

Organizing the news by date is a great way to ensure that everyone has access to up-to-date information about their department’s activities and accomplishments. This allows users to easily view recent updates without having to scroll through older posts or search for them manually. Additionally, this approach makes it easy for managers and supervisors who need an overview of activity within their teams over time as well as any changes in trends or performance metrics over time.