Effective Methods to Create a SharePoint Intranet Site
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Sep 26, 2023 5:37 PM

Effective Methods to Create a SharePoint Intranet Site

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Explore methods for SharePoint Intranet development: Minimal Viable Product for quick deployment or customized intranet.

The author, SharePoint Maven Inc., explores the topic of creating SharePoint Online Intranets, discussing the vast design possibilities and different strategic approaches. Today's discussion revolves around two different methodologies towards Intranet development and implementation.

The first approach, named Minimal Viable Product (MVP), emphasizes swift deployment. This approach doesn't dismiss collecting initial requirements but streamlines the timeframe spent gathering them. The goal of the MVP methodology, whether built from scratch or utilizing readily available templates, is to deploy a functionally efficient and quickly accessible centralized information hub for employees.

The MVP methodology's approach encourages organic growth, maturing over time with gradual enhancements and tweaks based on user feedback. Thanks to modern features, tweaks and changes in SharePoint can be made seamlessly without disrupting service.

  • Quick Execution Time
  • Cost-Effective
  • Beneficial for Organic Growth

However, the MVP strategy may lack some advanced features initially and may not encapsulate all desired content from the get-go.

The second approach is Customized Intranet, a strategy that involves thorough planning and user consultations before deployment. In opposition to the MVP methodology, this approach insists on meeting most of the user requirements before the project's completion. Moreover, additional customizations and integrations may require adopting technologies beyond the SharePoint's inherent capabilities.

  • More Comprehensive Than MVP

Customized intranet strategy, however, requires a significantly longer timeline and can prove to be more costly due to the involvement of external resources.

Final Thoughts

The author leans towards the MVP approach. They advocate for swift deployment and organic growth, enabling site owners to modify the design as necessary. This option is particularly popular among smaller organizations with restricted budgets. Conversely, larger global organizations, with specific communication, compliance, and legal demands, may lean towards the Customized Intranet strategy.

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SharePoint Online - Effective Methods to Create a SharePoint Intranet Site

Learn about 2 ways to create SharePoint Intranet

For those interested in SharePoint intranet development, here's an examination of two distinct methodologies explained in a previous blog entry about SharePoint's artistic versatility. The analysis will uncover the pros and cons of each, shedding light on different aspects of implementation.

Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Utilizing Customized Intranet?

Option one is the creation of an MVP, essentially a basic product developed as rapidly as possible and pushed live for user feedback. This strategy involves building something uncomplicated and evolving it over time based on user input. Initial requirements and content are prepped with business users in the loop, but minimal time is dedicated to this phase.

An MVP aims to expedite the development of a practical and functioning solution, thus realizing return on investment right away and providing a universal hub for workers' access to company-wide data. You can kick-start this from scratch or use built-in templates for ease of use. The key driving factor is that an intranet is an everlasting project with continuous evolution in design and content.

Modern SharePoint tools allow easy modification of design and structure on-the-go. For instance, you can readily adjust your site's appearance, rearrange navigation, modify hub architecture, and adjust the site name and URL as per requirement. Essentially, the objective is to release to workers promptly even with bare minimal details. The site lives and grows organically, aging with time. Once it is secure, it is promoted to personnel, and further modifications are implemented as necessary.


  • A faster timeline
  • Reduced cost (if outsourcing development)
  • Another applicable option for growth-based intranets, taking staff feedback into consideration


  • Possibly lacking all content
  • May fall short on the wishlist items or advanced capabilities

As you might have estimated, the second option is contrary to Option 1. This method involves customizing the intranet in line with detailed business conditions discussed upfront with users and stakeholders. The supposition is you walk through multiple iterations and design refinements before the project meets most requirement conditions.

At times, organizations also opt for supplementary adjustments and integrations often unattainable via the out-of-the-box functions. This product often includes functionalities and automated business processes that rely on various tools such as the Power Automate or Power Apps.


  • Provides additional functionality compared to MVP


  • Longer Development Cycle
  • Greater expenses (if outsourcing development or relying on 3rd party themes and subsequent modifications)

The verdict? Without a doubt, selecting between the two depends primarily on the needs and budget of the organization. Typically, smaller organizations without massive budgets may favor the MVP route. On the other hand, large-scale global organizations, with specific communication, legal and compliance requirements, may lean more towards a customized intranet approach.

Regardless of your choice, remember that knowledge about SharePoint intranet is a beneficial weapon, so continue learning and growing!

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