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Boost Efficiency: Ultimate Power DevBox Keyboard Shortcut
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Mar 19, 2024 12:00 PM

Boost Efficiency: Ultimate Power DevBox Keyboard Shortcut

by HubSite 365 about David Wyatt [MVP]

Senior Staff Engineer - Intelligent Automation Developer

Citizen DeveloperPower PlatformM365 Release

Revolutionize Power Platform Management with the New Chrome Extension

Key insights

  • Introduction of Power DevBox Shortcut, a new Power Platform Chrome Extension.
  • Designed for users who manage multiple environments, making their work easier.
  • Stores all your environments and generates links directly to key areas such as Make.powerapps, Make.powerautomate, Dynamics URL, Advanced Settings, and the Admin Center.
  • Includes a feature to tag environments for quick and efficient searching and filtering.
  • Focuses on improving user efficiency and organization within the Power Platform ecosystem.

Exploring the Power DevBox Shortcut Chrome Extension

Power DevOps Shortcut: A Must-Have New Power Platform Chrome Extension. It's particularly useful for those managing numerous environments. This tool stores all of your environmental setups and effortlessly creates links to various platforms.

  • Make.powerapps
  • Make.powerautomate
  • Dynamics URL
  • Advanced Settings
  • Admin Center

In addition, it features tagging for simplified searching and filtering, enhancing your organizational efficiency. By streamlining access to different environments, it significantly improves workflow for developers and administrators alike.

Download Power DevBox Shortcut




People also ask

How do I access my dev box?

Accessing your development environment can be efficiently done from the developer portal. This provides an alternative to using the Remote Desktop app. To initiate the process, users must sign in to the developer portal and opt for the 'Open in RDP client' option corresponding to their designated dev box.

What is the shortcut key for power toys?

The assigned default shortcut to activate PowerToys features is Windows + Shift + /. Furthermore, customization options are available, allowing users to adjust the duration for showing Windows shortcuts and the icons on the taskbar by initiating the command with the Windows key, Ctrl, Alt, or Shift, followed by 'c'.

What is the Win Shift T for Powertoys?

Powertoys includes a Text Extractor utility that facilitates copying text from any visual content on your screen, which may include images or videos. The utility is activated by pressing WIN+SHIFT+T. This operation is straightforward and resembles the simplicity of using the snipping tool.

How do I restart my dev box?

To proceed with either shutting down or initiating a restart of your development box, the process is catered to through specific steps designed for ease of use and efficiency.



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