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How to Create a Captcha in Power Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide
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Feb 19, 2024 5:08 PM

How to Create a Captcha in Power Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide

by HubSite 365 about David Wyatt [MVP]

Senior Staff Engineer - Intelligent Automation Developer

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Explore How To Create a Captcha in Power Apps & Challenge RPA Bots

Key insights


  • Exploring Creative Development: The author discusses their interest in using Power Apps for personal projects to enhance their skills, despite the lack of a practical requirement, exemplified by developing a Captcha within Power Apps.

  • Innovative Captcha Techniques: The text details five unique Captcha methods designed to challenge RPA bots, including "THE MATCH ME," "THE ORDER ME," "FOLLOW ME," "THE WRITE MY COLOUR," and "THE MATTHEW DEVANEY," highlighting the author's creativity and technical prowess.

  • Engaging User Experience: Through various challenges such as matching icons, ordering items, following sequences, identifying colors, and selecting images, the author showcases how Captchas can be made interactive and engaging, improving user experience.

  • Technical Demonstrations and Solutions: Each section provides insights into the logic and code snippets used for implementing the Captchas in Power Apps, offering readers a practical understanding of how to replicate these strategies in their own projects.

  • Learning and Inspiration: The concluding remarks emphasize how such projects can be enjoyable and educational, encouraging readers to undertake their own creative projects, while also suggesting the use of these Captchas as potential interview activities for Power App developers.


The Evolution and Importance of Captchas in Digital Security

Captchas have become a fundamental part of securing online platforms against bots and automated scripts. By requiring users to complete tasks that are typically easy for humans but challenging for computers, Captchas help to ensure that access to websites and digital services is reserved for real people. This is crucial in preventing spam, safeguarding user data, and maintaining the integrity of online services. The development of Captchas has evolved from simple text-based challenges to more complex image recognition and interaction-based tasks, as demonstrated in the Power Apps project described. 

Exploring Power Apps Capabilities

Power Apps provides a versatile platform for building custom applications without needing deep coding knowledge. By leveraging its easy-to-use interface, developers can create applications that automate workflows, improve data management, and enhance user experience. This platform supports the creation of both canvas and model-driven apps, enabling a broad range of application scenarios, from simple forms to complex enterprise solutions.

The platform's integration capabilities allow it to connect with a variety of data sources, including Microsoft's own services like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, as well as third-party services and systems. This makes it incredibly flexible for addressing specific business needs, streamlining processes, and facilitating data exchange.

Creating a Captcha in Power Apps may not seem necessary, but it's a great way to practice programming skills. Developers often take on personal projects to sharpen their abilities. This blog post explores how one can incorporate a Captcha into Power Apps as a means of learning and personal development.

The challenge was to devise five unique methods to outsmart an RPA bot. From utilizing icon banks to simulate lock mechanisms, ordering items by numerical value, following sequences, identifying colors, to distinguishing between cats and dogs, each method offers a creative approach to enhance application security in Power Apps.

  • The "MATCH ME" method inspired by bike locks requires matching icon sequences.
  • The "ORDER ME" challenge involves sorting items into the correct numerical order.
  • "FOLLOW ME" tests the ability to replicate a random sequence.
  • "THE WRITE MY COLOUR" leverages color identification against bots.
  • "THE MATTHEW DEVANEY" employs image recognition, specifically identifying cats among dogs.


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Power Apps - How to Create a Captcha in Power Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide


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How do I create a CAPTCHA code?

To craft a CAPTCHA code, initiate by setting up a dedicated section for it within your HTML markup. This snippet will establish the foundational layout for a CAPTCHA. Further enhancements and styling can be instituted through CSS. Additionally, by implementing a JavaScript function named 'generate()' upon the actuation of the image (refresh button), a new CAPTCHA can be dynamically produced.

What is make power apps?

Power Apps enables the rapid development and deployment of applications imbued with artificial intelligence, aimed at transforming and updating obsolete systems and applications. Whether you're starting from a basic table, a preliminary sketch, a simple sentence, or directly from pre-existing code, Power Apps provides the flexibility to develop solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Engage with Power Apps through a complimentary trial and explore its capabilities through a structured guided tour.



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