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Announcing Azure Integration & Business Process Tracking Preview
Nov 15, 2023 8:00 PM

Announcing Azure Integration & Business Process Tracking Preview

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Discover Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking, the new unified platform for efficient resource management and monitoring by Microsoft.

Microsoft announce the Public Preview of the Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking! This new experience unifies resource management and monitoring, allowing users to logically arrange resources and provide business context. With this innovation, integration becomes a strategic tool for unlocking opportunities and streamlining business operations. 

Introducing Azure Integration Environment (Public Preview)
We are excited to introduce Azure Integration Environment, a new unified experience that helps customers manage and monitor their ...

At its core, the platform consists of two elements: Integration Environment for managing resources in a common area, and Business Process Tracking to overlay business context on transactions processed by Azure Logic Apps, helping stakeholders follow vital operational processes. It's important to note that these are currently not intended for production as they are in preview.

Emphasis on Business Process Tracking aims to align business context with integration solutions, designed with customer feedback to avoid embedding tracking details directly into workflows. A business process designer in the Azure Portal aids business professionals in constructing process stages and capturing key business data, which developers can then integrate into logic app workflows.

If this exciting development has piqued your interest, do watch the detailed YouTube video walkthrough. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and join us in shaping the future of Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking. 

Further Insights on Azure Analytics

The new Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking represent significant advancements in cloud analytics and resource management. Through logical resource grouping, real-time operation visualization, and strategic process tracking, Azure enables businesses to gain better insights and control over intricate processes. This innovation is well-aligned with the growing need for sophisticated yet user-friendly analytics tools, which drive efficiency and data-backed decision-making. With user feedback and continuous improvements on the horizon, Azure Analytics remains at the forefront, promising to deliver robust and advanced capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of the business landscape.


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Azure Analytics - Announcing Azure Integration & Business Process Tracking Preview

Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking

Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking are Microsoft's new unified experiences. These platforms enable customers to manage and monitor their integration resources effectively while providing business context and reducing complexity. This streamlined approach to integration delivers strategic advantages, such as unlocking new opportunities and business efficiencies.

Two core components make up this unified experience: the Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking. The Integration Environment provides a space for resources management and the Business Process Tracking allows organizations to set a business context over the transactions processed by Azure Logic Apps.

Integration Environment

Integration Environment organizes resources into logical groupings which aligns with the organization's principles and standards. This flexibility allows resources to be grouped based on traditional landscapes, such as development, staging, production, or business units such as finance, marketing, or operations. Additional logical groupings within an integration environment can also be achieved using an application concept.

Applications are created by associating existing resources within the same Azure subscription. These resources currently include Azure Logic Apps (Standard), Azure API Management APIs, and Azure Service Bus queues and topics. This set is set to expand in the future adding support for additional resource types.

Business Process Tracking

Business Process Tracking introduces a "business context to integration." Customers can track key business data as it moves through their integration solutions. Business Process Tracking offers a business process designer tool, allowing an author to construct business process stages and define key business data.

Developers can then build upon this business process by selecting where data can be retrieved from workflows, collect data properties, and determine the exact time these will be sent. All these features work to gather and track important business data.

Applications and Business Processes

Creating applications and business processes within the Integration Environment allows resources to be related to each other, enabling more streamlined operations. An Azure Data Explorer (ADX) instance is required to utilize the Business Process Tracking feature.

The business process creation process involves devising stages, determining key business properties, and mapping business process properties for each stage. All these stages are tracked and can be used to gain insights into business operations thereby providing a detailed view of business processes.

Deployment and Transactions

After configuring the business process, it needs to be deployed, which would ensure that any business transaction running through the Logic Apps would be traced and logged. Once completed and deployed, the business process will be represented in the form of a series of stages, tracking each segment of a transaction.


The new Azure Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking offer a strategic advantage to businesses. By bringing business context to integration, providing flexibility in managing resources, and enabling granular tracking of business processes, companies can gain valuable insights, reduce complexity, and streamline operations. These platforms are currently in preview, and prospective users are invited to provide their valuable feedback for further enhancements.



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