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FinOps in Azure: Elevate Your Financial Management
Apr 29, 2024 3:06 PM

FinOps in Azure: Elevate Your Financial Management

by HubSite 365 about John Savill's [MVP]

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

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Unlock Azures Potential: Dive Into FinOps with MVP John Savill for Smarter Cloud Spending

Key insights


  • FinOps is a crucial practice for managing cloud costs effectively, specifically on Azure.
  • Implementing FinOps involves understanding the balance between CapEx (Capital Expenditure) and OpEx (Operational Expenditure).
  • Key to FinOps is promoting accountability, enhancing business growth and value, and ensuring extensive visibility.
  • Azure Policy and tags are critical tools for managing resources, ensuring cost management, and providing data visibility across the organization.
  • Regular monitoring and tracking are essential for understanding the value derived from cloud investments and making informed decisions.

Deep Dive into FinOps on Azure

FinOps is an emerging financial management practice designed to bring financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud, enabling organizations to harness the power of the cloud without losing control over their expenses. It combines elements of financial planning, IT, and business strategy to give a holistic view of an organization's cloud expenditure.

In the context of Microsoft Azure, FinOps becomes critical as it allows businesses to optimize their cloud spend, improve cost efficiency, and enhance operational efficiencies. By leveraging tools like Azure Policy and utilizing tagging strategies, organizations can gain deep insights into where and how their cloud budget is being spent. This visibility is key to making strategic decisions that align IT costs with business outcomes.

FinOps and Azure: A Comprehensive Overview

John Savill, a recognized Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), explores the emerging concept of FinOps and its application within Microsoft Azure in an insightful YouTube video. This executive summary breaks down the essential aspects covered in the video, making it easier to understand how FinOps is reshaping the management of cloud costs and driving efficient financial operations.

Introduction to FinOps

The video starts with an introduction to FinOps, explaining it as a practice aimed at optimizing cloud financial management to achieve balance between speed, cost, and quality. The approach is crucial for businesses that rely on cloud services like Azure, guiding them to better understand and manage their cloud expenditures (CapEx and OpEx). The aim is to maximize business value through financial accountability and transparency in cloud usage.

Implementing FinOps in Azure

John delves into specific strategies for implementing FinOps practices within Azure. This includes utilizing Azure's native tools for cost management, such as Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor. These tools provide visibility into how resources are used, help in identifying inefficiencies, and suggest optimizations. Structuring resources with management groups, subscriptions, and resource groups, alongside effective tagging, is emphasized for granular tracking and accountability.

Maximizing Business Value with Azure

The video highlights how Azure's FinOps-centric features can drive business growth by ensuring resources are aligned with business value. John points out the importance of visibility and accountability in monitoring cloud spending. This is achieved through detailed tracking, reporting, and the use of Azure Policy for enforcing best practices across the organization. The ultimate goal is to make informed decisions that contribute to sustained business growth.


Azure Weekly Update - Unlocking FinOps in Azure: Elevate Your Financial Management


People also ask

What is FinOps in Azure?

FinOps constitutes a set of cultural practices aimed at enabling organizations to manage their cloud expenses with greater efficiency.

What is FinOps and why is it important?

FinOps, a condensed form of financial operations, represents a management approach encouraging collective accountability for managing and optimizing cloud infrastructure and its costs within an organization.

What are the three pillars of FinOps?

The foundational elements of FinOps are encapsulated in three pivotal pillars: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. Each serves a unique role in the FinOps methodology, with 'Inform' focusing on enlightening all relevant stakeholders about the financial outcomes of their decisions.

What is the Azure FinOps review?

The Azure FinOps review, accessible through, provides a structured assessment aimed at beginning or enhancing your organization's FinOps practices. Upon initiating the review, it prompts you to outline your organization's current progression stage and the FinOps domains you aim to improve.



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