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Beginners Guide to Power Apps: Step-by-Step Tutorial
Power Apps
Oct 19, 2022 5:55 PM

Beginners Guide to Power Apps: Step-by-Step Tutorial

by HubSite 365 about Shane Young [MVP]

SharePoint & PowerApps MVP - SharePoint, O365, Flow, Power Apps consulting & Training

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Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners: Microsoft expert, Shane Young, presents an in-depth guide to creating your first app with Microsoft Power Apps.

Essential Guide to Power Apps for Beginners: A Tutorial with Shane Young

Beginners embarking on their Power Apps journey will find solace in Shane Young's updated tutorial. The tutorial serves as an informative guide on how to design your first app. Not only are the steps explained comprehensively, but Young also provides useful advice to assist you through your learning process.

In the tutorial, Young navigates viewers through the process of building an app from SharePoint data. He details customizations that can be done in the gallery and elucidates how to save, publish, and share your first app using the Power Apps platform. Young's guidance also extends to exploring more of your app to understand the wide range of options available for adjusting items.

The video begins with the basics of how to make apps. Young, a Microsoft MVP, offers an overview of Power Apps and the various template apps. He advises against editing them but encourages using the templates for inspiration instead.

Young suggests starting with SharePoint as the base when creating the first app. He provides a tour of SharePoint's list and explains how to create a Power App from a SharePoint list by connecting to SharePoint. This beginner's tutorial walks through the process of automatically creating an app from a SharePoint list. It also explains the step-by-step process of giving an app a name and saving it.

Emphasizing the need for a fully functional app, Young provides a sneak peek into how different apps look depending on the device you are using. The tutorial extends to previewing the app, exploring SharePoint items that are now in the app, learning to view and edit these items, and understanding how to create a new SharePoint record using Power Apps.

Different controls available in Power Apps are introduced using the 'BrowseGallery' control as an example. It teaches how to use the Text function to transform current numbers into formatted numbers similar to Excel.

Engaging with Power Apps on a more profound level, the tutorial concludes with advice on sharing the app with others, achieving co-owner status and understanding data permissions. More advanced options for learning, including free introducing courses and PowerApps911 training options, are also suggested on how to build your first app.

For more information on Power Apps, a deep dive into the platform can be found here.

Overview of Power Apps

Power Apps is a service provided by Microsoft, enabling users to develop personalized apps tailored to meet their business-specific needs. It offers seamless integration with other Microsoft services and products, like SharePoint, making it easier for beginners to get started.

Power Apps offers templates as a starting point for beginners and provides customization options for more seasoned developers. It can be used to develop apps with capabilities like reading and writing data, integrating with external data, and so forth. Moreover, previewing the app eases the design process and helps users understand the look and feel of their apps on different devices.

Power Apps stands out as a platform that promotes co-ownership and collaboration. Users can easily share their apps with other team members and gain editable access, promoting a collective learning journey.

In a world where creating custom solutions can be time-consuming and expensive, Power Apps proves to be a cost-effective, user-friendly tool that enables users to design and deploy their solutions in an efficient manner.

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Power Apps - Beginners Guide to Power Apps: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn about Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners

Your interest in the "Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners" YouTube video by Shane Young suggests you are keen to explore Microsoft's Power Apps platform and seek advice on where to gain more knowledge. In this article, we guide you on a journey of understanding and learning this versatile tool, beyond the overview provided in the video.

Shane's video serves as a beginner's tutorial on creating your first application on this platform. His simplified style prompts further exploration of the subject. Some available resources include official Microsoft Power Apps online courses which provide in-depth understanding of the platform, templates, and building apps using different data sources such as SharePoint and SQL.

An essential first point of reference is the official Microsoft documentation. It serves as a comprehensive knowledge base, covering all aspects of the platform. You can be pretty sure of finding solutions to any challenges you might encounter on your learning journey.

  • For beginners, 'Learn Modules' section under Microsoft Learn provides numerous useful modules, offering insights on creating applications using the software toolkit.
  • The 'Super Users Community' forums can be an invaluable resource. Here, you can interact with other learners or experienced users for guidance.

For individuals who prefer scheduled learning, Microsoft's official courses might be a suitable option. Course modules are often facilitated by Microsoft MVPs, like Shane Young, providing theory and hands-on experience.

  • Beginner-friendly courses like 'Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps' provide initial insights into the application creation process and basic customization.
  • For more experienced or fast learning individuals seeking advanced knowledge, 'Building advanced applications with Microsoft Power Apps' could be beneficial.

Moreover, eBooks can also act as significant reference points. Books like "Mastering Microsoft PowerApps", provide in-depth knowledge about the tool's functionalities, aiding your understanding and skill development.

Finally, never stop practicing. The process of learning becomes more exciting and productive when you create applications. Challenge yourself with different projects mimicking real-world scenarios, allowing you to implement the knowledge you've acquired.

Pursuing the discussed resources and keeping an active learning approach, your understanding of this powerful application-building tool will flourish. Your learning journey doesn't stop here. As you get familiar with the tool, explore different methods to increase your knowledge, like attending webinars or subscribing to related YouTube channels.

By immersing yourself in the learning process, and with the help of resources like Shane Young's tutorials, online forums, and Microsoft's official courses, you will indeed master the Power Apps platform.

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