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Hide SharePoint Term Store Metadata - Easy Guide
SharePoint Online
Dec 5, 2023 11:00 AM

Hide SharePoint Term Store Metadata - Easy Guide

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Master SharePoint Term Store: Delete, Hide, or Deprecate Metadata Terms!

Learning how to manage metadata terms in SharePoint Online can be crucial for maintaining an organized digital environment. If you’re using the Term Store to handle your metadata, you might need to hide or delete terms occasionally. This video provides solutions and insight on how to manage these terms effectively.



Deleting Metadata Terms
When you delete a term from the Term Store in SharePoint Online, it's permanently removed; it won't affect items already tagged until a user tries to re-tag them. This can be useful for terms created by mistake, but one must be cautious because this action is irreversible and can't be undone if performed in error.

Deprecating Terms
An alternative to deleting, deprecating a term, makes it invisible in SharePoint Online when users attempt to tag items, without actually deleting the term. While this also hides any subterms, the advantage is that the process can be reversed if needed, unlike a permanent deletion.

Control Tagging Availability
The "Available for tagging" option offers a flexible way to manage term visibility. It lets you keep terms in the Term Store of SharePoint Online visible but not selectable, by simply unchecking a box. This is especially helpful for parent terms where you only want the child terms to be utilized for tagging.

The Term Store itself is a part of SharePoint's Managed Metadata service that plays a key role in content management. It acts as a repository for terms that can be used consistently across all sites and documents, improving taxonomy and search functions. Moreover, the Term Store's centralized management aids in better control and organization of these terms.

  • Centralized Management for terms and term sets
  • Consistency across sites and documents
  • Supports creation of structured hierarchical taxonomies
  • Enhanced content management via tagging
  • Integration with SharePoint - Lists
  • Configurable security and permissions
  • Multilingual support for diverse workforces
  • Improved navigation and search functionalities

Understanding SharePoint Online's Term Store

The Term Store in SharePoint Online serves as an essential tool for any organization that aims to maintain a standardized system for document management and navigational taxonomy. It allows businesses to categorize and locate content swiftly, improving efficiency and productivity. Moreover, with its multilingual support and permissions control, the Term Store makes SharePoint Online a versatile platform suitable for diverse organizational needs. The ability to manage terms effectively not only streamlines content discoverability but also ensures a cohesive structure in the use of metadata across all SharePoint sites.

SharePoint Online - Hide SharePoint Term Store Metadata - Easy Guide

Learn about How to hide Metadata Terms from the Term Store


Managing metadata within SharePoint Online can often involve the Term Store, and there are different approaches to hide metadata terms from view. In particular, operational scenarios may call for the hiding or deletion of terms and understanding the implications and procedures for each option is crucial.

To begin with, if you mistakenly created a term or no longer need it, you could simply delete it. However, deletion is a permanent action and should be used with caution. Despite the deletion, documents previously tagged with the term will retain the metadata until retagged.

  • Permanent deletion of a term
  • Documents keep the term until retagged
  • Use with caution due to its irreversible nature

Another option for hiding terms is to deprecate them in the SharePoint Online Term Store. This will completely hide the term and any subordinate terms from users when tagging, which ensures they won't be used in future document tagging. Deprecated terms, unlike deleted ones, can be reinstated if needed.

  • Deprecate to hide terms
  • Subterms are also hidden
  • Reversible process

The third option, and a preferred one for many, involves the Available for tagging checkbox. Unchecking this box allows a term to be visible but non-selectable. This is extremely useful for when you want a term to be visible, such as a parent term in a hierarchy, but not usable for tagging.

  • Terms are visible but not selectable
  • Non-destructive process
  • No known disadvantages

The SharePoint Term Store is an integral part of content management across SharePoint sites. It serves a multitude of purposes such as centralized term management, enforces consistency, supports the creation of hierarchical taxonomies, and enhances content discoverability through effective categorization and tagging.

Understanding SharePoint Term Store

The Term Store in SharePoint Online offers robust capabilities for managing metadata terms and term sets. This highly-integrated tool allows for a cohesive way to manage taxonomy across SharePoint sites.

Specifically, it ensures consistent use of terms, facilitates hierarchical taxonomy creation, and enhances content management. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with SharePoint Online features, supports multiple languages, and allows for fine-grained security and permission settings to control metadata access.

As organizations continue to emphasize efficient data management and retrieval, the Term Store remains a cornerstone for SharePoint Online users in organizing, categorizing, and leveraging content as part of their collaborative efforts.


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