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OneDrive: Add individual file shortcuts in OneDrive for Web
Nov 18, 2023 7:00 AM

OneDrive: Add individual file shortcuts in OneDrive for Web

by HubSite 365 about Ami Diamond [MVP]

SharePoint Online / Microsoft Teams /Microsoft 365/ Expert at P.Z Projects

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Discover how to create individual file shortcuts in OneDrive for seamless access to shared files across platforms.

OneDrive is set to introduce the capability to create shortcuts to files that are stored in others' OneDrive accounts and document libraries. This feature enables users to easily locate specific files within their own OneDrive. These shortcuts can be managed—moved, renamed, or deleted—without affecting the original files and are visible in OneDrive web, Android, iOS, and the sync client interfaces.


"You soon will be able to create a shortcut to files stored in other people's
OneDrive and document libraries to be able to easily find it within your


Ami Diamond [MVP] showcases this new addition in a brief video, demonstrating the advantages of having quick access to project files, which are often dispersed across various locations. OneDrive comes to the aid with features like People, Meeting, and Shared views, and now, with Favorites and shortcuts, organization becomes simpler and more efficient. Favorites have been globally launched in OneDrive for work, school, GCC, and DoD environments.

Favorites in OneDrive provides a single list accessible from OneDrive and many other Microsoft 365 applications. Within OneDrive for Web, users can find this list on the left-hand menu. The initial view of Favorites may contain files from OneDrive, SharePoint, and other Microsoft 365 apps, showing content saved from various Microsoft services.

To add a file to your Favorites list in either OneDrive or SharePoint, you simply click the star icon next to the file or folder. Favoriting content places it at the top of your Favorites list for easy access. The star icon is also visible when hovering over files in these services, facilitating the action of adding them to Favorites.

Folder shortcuts are a practical solution for projects that require coordinating across multiple teams, where files are scattered across various SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts. OneDrive allows the organization of these files without the need to relocate them, by using folder shortcuts that appear in the My Files view of OneDrive.

Some helpful tips for folder shortcut use include their function as a link rather than a copy, the option to rename shortcuts without affecting the source content, and the ability to move them within OneDrive to suit organizational needs. Furthermore, content within folder shortcuts is synced to your local device, so you have access to these files even when offline. Folder shortcuts have been rolled out globally for OneDrive work, school, GCC, and DoD users.

To create a folder shortcut, use the "Add Shortcut" command in OneDrive or SharePoint. These shortcuts are indicated with an arrow icon in OneDrive and a link icon in File Explorer for clear visibility among other folders. File shortcuts, expected to launch by December 2023, will extend this capability to individual files, allowing users to organize shared files seamlessly within their OneDrive folders.

Further Insights on OneDrive Capabilities

The forthcoming features by OneDrive reflect their commitment to enhancing user productivity and content accessibility. By integrating file and folder shortcuts within its service, OneDrive is making strides to more deeply mesh individual workflows with broader collaborative processes. This attention to user-centered design not only streamlines the navigation experience but also amplifies OneDrive's role as a central hub for file management and collaboration. Ami Diamond and his team place emphasis on the evolving nature of digital workspaces, and OneDrive's new features exemplify the continuous effort to make these spaces more interconnected and efficient.

OneDrive - Adding Individual File Shortcuts in Web-Based OneDrive


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