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Top 3 Microsoft Dynamics Tools Ranked
Dynamics 365
Apr 24, 2024 11:00 PM

Top 3 Microsoft Dynamics Tools Ranked

by HubSite 365 about Griffin Lickfeldt (Citizen Developer)

Certified Power Apps Consultant & Host of CitizenDeveloper365

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Boost Dynamics Efficiency: Discover 3 Must-Have Tools for 2024!

Key insights


  • Top 3 Microsoft Dynamics Tools in 2024: A guide to essential tools that enhance productivity and streamline workflows within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Level Up browser extension for Edge and Chrome: A pivotal tool for developers that facilitates efficient project management and development tasks in Dynamics.
  • Metadata Browser for Dataverse: A browser extension available for Edge that aids developers by providing easy access to metadata within Dynamics.
  • Video answers critical questions about available tools for Dynamics developers, and how these tools can be used to boost efficiency.
  • Focuses on improvements in project management solutions and development aids within the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform implementations.

Deep Dive into Microsoft Dynamics Tools

Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform are both powerful tools in their own rights, providing a wide range of functionalities to users across various sectors. With productivity and efficiency at the forefront of development and project management within these platforms, the availability and implementation of additional tools strictly enhance these aspects. The Level Up browser extension, available for both Edge and Chrome, streamlines various tasks, making it an indispensable tool for developers engaged in Dynamics 365 projects. Similarly, the Metadata Browser for Dataverse, accessible via the Edge browser, offers an invaluable resource for accessing metadata, thereby facilitating easier project navigation and implementation. These tools, thus, serve as vital components in maximizing efficiencies and simplifying workflows across Dynamics projects, ensuring that developers can leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s ecosystem.


Download Links:

  • 🚀 Level Up (Edge): ▶︎ Download
  • 🚀 Level Up (Chrome): ▶︎ Download
  • Ⓜ️ Metadata Browser (Edge): ▶︎ Download


Dive deep into the latest advancements in Dynamics CRM and Power Platform with Griffin Lickfeldt in his insightful you_tube_video. Offering a wealth of knowledge, Griffin outlines the Top 3 Microsoft Dynamics Tools in 2024 which are pioneering the space for project efficiency and smoother workflows. Discover tools that are not just enhancing productivity but are becoming indispensable for Dynamics developers and Power Platform users.

Introduction to Essential Tools
Unlock an exhaustive list curated meticulously to enhance everyday tasks and operations within the Microsoft ecosystem. Learn about development aids and project management solutions that are key to maximizing output. These tools are crafted to simplify complex processes, offering seamless integration into your Dynamics CRM and Power Platform projects.

  • Level Up for Dynamics 365 (for both Edge and Chrome)
  • Metadata Browser for Dataverse

Deep Dive into the Tools
Griffin provides a comprehensive examination of Level Up and Metadata Browser, two browser extensions that stand out for their functionality and ease of use. Level Up serves as a catalyst in streamlining tasks, facilitating developers with quick access to records, advanced field details, and entity metadata. On the other hand, Metadata Browser simplifies interactions with Dataverse, offering detailed insights and facilitating better data management.

Maximizing Efficiency with Dynamics Tools
Adopting these extensions can significantly boost the productivity of those working within the Dynamics ecosystem. Griffin shares practical tips on leveraging these tools to their fullest potential, emphasizing how they can transform project management and development efforts. Learn how to navigate these tools easily to accelerate your projects and harness the full power of Dynamics CRM and Power Platform.

Expanding on Dynamics CRM Tools and Their Impact

Griffin Lickfeldt’s video touches on an important aspect of modern business technology – the use of specialized tools to enhance Dynamics CRM and Power Platform projects. These tools, particularly Level Up and Metadata Browser, are not just additions but essential components that empower developers and project managers to achieve more in less time. By streamlining various tasks, from data management to debugging, they provide a deeper insight and control over projects.

The importance of these tools extends beyond mere convenience. They represent a stride towards comprehensive project management and development ecosystems that are intuitive, efficient, and highly adaptable. For businesses and developers committed to leveraging Dynamics CRM, such tools are invaluable for staying competitive in a fast-paced technological landscape. The dedication to improving workflows and productivity reflects a broader trend of continuous innovation within the Microsoft ecosystem.



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Dynamics 365, in tandem with the Power Platform, represents the future by encapsulating Dynamics' functionality and enhancing integration capabilities. A current challenge is the reluctance of some companies to transition from older versions, not recognizing Microsoft’s intent to refine the system and thereby necessitating updates.

What is the latest Microsoft Dynamics?

The most recent updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 8.2 are cumulative and encompass all previously released hotfixes for limited distribution, as well as all prior update rollups as cataloged in the corresponding documentation.

Is Microsoft Dynamics GP being discontinued?

As of April 2023, Microsoft announced the cessation of new sales of Dynamics GP licenses by April 2025. The decision to phase out a product that has served as a foundation for numerous businesses for many years came as quite the surprise to the industry.

Is Dynamics 365 growing?

The recent performance metrics indicate a significant uptrend in Dynamics offerings, particularly noting a 21% increase in Dynamics products and cloud services revenue, accentuated by a 27% surge in Dynamics 365 revenues. These figures manifest the substantial growth trajectory of Dynamics 365 in the preceding quarter.



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