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Boost Productivity with Microsoft Viva Learning Platform
Nov 14, 2023 1:42 PM

Boost Productivity with Microsoft Viva Learning Platform

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Unlock the potential of Microsoft Viva Learning in Teams for a seamless, personalized educational journey & skill-building experience.

Microsoft's latest venture, Microsoft Viva Learning, is a component of Teams designed to enhance your learning experience. It enables users to personalize their educational journey. By pinning Viva Learning to the Teams navigation, you gain swift access to a variety of learning materials and tailored recommendations.

Microsoft Viva Learning represents a pivotal shift in workplace education, epitomizing the seamless fusion of productivity and professional development. This service leverages the ubiquity of Teams to nourish a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement. It offers an ideal blend of convenience and comprehensive learning opportunities, ensuring that employees at all levels have the resources to excel and evolve. With integrated learning paths, Viva Learning promises to reshape how organizations approach talent development and knowledge sharing. Microsoft's dedication to creating holistic work environments is evident in this forward-thinking initiative that promotes empowerment, growth, and innovation.

Overview of Microsoft Viva Learning
Viva Learning acts as an integrated learning platform in Microsoft Teams, combining learning and skill development into your daily routines. With content from your organization and external partners, Viva Learning encourages discovery, sharing, and personal advancement all within the Teams environment.

This tool simplifies the process of creating learning opportunities within an organization without diverting focus from your daily communication tools. By housing learning content right in Microsoft Teams, Viva Learning fosters an environment of continuous growth and learning.

Learn While Working - Everyone
Viva Learning streamlines learning by delivering a personalized selection of content. This content includes offerings from your organization and renowned platforms like LinkedIn Learning. As your learning continues, Viva Learning refines recommendations to align with your evolving interests.

You can conveniently locate and engage with educational content that is applicable to your role and future career objectives. Viva Learning also allows you to share valuable content with colleagues directly in Teams. Bookmark courses and access LinkedIn Learning without ever leaving Teams, making learning an uninterrupted part of your workday.

Managers can keep their teams engaged with essential skills effortlessly across the same platform. By recommending and monitoring content completion, managers ensure consistent growth and team development.

Admin Roles
To leverage the full capabilities of Viva Learning within Microsoft Teams, certain admin permissions are required. This includes roles like Microsoft Teams admin, Microsoft 365 global admin or SharePoint admin, and Knowledge admin.

Knowledge Admin
A new role within the Microsoft 365 admin center, the Knowledge Admin is central to managing learning content. With a base in technical expertise and education management, this role is crucial for maintaining the organization's educational resources.

Learn more about the Knowledge Admin role here.

Learning Content Sources
Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training materials are instantly available, along with a selection of LinkedIn Learning courses for free. Integrating third-party content into Viva Learning is also supported, enhancing the breadth of educational resources available.

Data and Privacy
Data handling in Viva Learning is in accordance with Microsoft 365 data storage protocols and is dependent on the tenant's geography. Integration with SharePoint follows the similar localization principle. The data includes metadata like titles and descriptions, along with user-specific data such as bookmarks and completion records.

For organizations ready to implement Viva Learning, management is centralized through Microsoft Teams admin center, Microsoft 365 admin center, and SharePoint admin center. These tools collectively handle setup, configuration, and content management.

Further Exploration
For additional details on utilizing Viva Learning and providing feedback on your experience, the provided resources in Teams and Microsoft admin centers offer guidance to ensure a smooth adoption process.


 - Boost Productivity with Microsoft Viva Learning Platform

Learn about Microsoft Viva Learning - Organize your learning journey


If you are seeking insight into Microsoft Viva Learning, and how you can better navigate your learning journey, then this article is for you. Viva Learning is a featured service in Microsoft Teams, designed to personalize your learning experience. This powerful tool brings learning close at home by integrating it into your Teams' workspace, ensuring no step is missed in your quest for knowledge and growth.

Viva Learning allows immediate access to an array of learning content and makes personal recommendations based on your interaction with courses. You can search for learning opportunities tailored to your interests or career goals, and even share relevant and exciting content with your teammates.

For team leaders, Viva Learning relieves you of the stress of coordinating learning across platforms. You can recommend learning material to team members, share content within your team, and track their progress on recommended learning.

The provision of specific admin roles, such as the Microsoft Teams admin, Microsoft 365 Global admin, and SharePoint admin, assists you in setting up your learning content sources, and provides a smooth experience in managing individual licensing. A significant individual in this structure is the Knowledge admin.

The Knowledge admin is a role assigned within the Microsoft 365 admin center, responsible for managing the organization's learning content sources. They should possess SharePoint administrator credentials, and have a sound knowledge of education, learning, and training within the organization.

Viva Learning provides automatic access to content from Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training. LinkedIn Learning also offers free access to a variety of courses. Additionally, Viva Learning can integrate with select third-party content providers and learning management systems, enabling you to harness a wealth of knowledge across platforms.

Regarding data and privacy concerns, Viva Learning observes Microsoft 365 data storage guidelines. The data stored from Viva Learning can range from learning object content metadata, user data, and required service data such as error logs. Viva Learning also makes provision for admins to either turn on or off storage of diagnostic data.

Setting up and configuring Viva Learning in your Microsoft 365 environment is easy. You can manage Viva Learning across your organization using the Microsoft Teams admin center. For controlling learning sources available to specific groups, the Microsoft 365 admin center is your go-to. Similarly, you can manage and store your learning content via the SharePoint admin center.

Not only does Viva Learning provide tools for personalized learning, but it also maintains an open channel for feedback. This allows users to air their views, questions, and recommendations for improving this service. Indeed, Viva Learning underscores Microsoft's commitment to your growth and development, making learning easy wherever you are, whenever you want.


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