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8 Best Microsoft 365 Tips to Boost Work Productivity
Microsoft 365
Apr 22, 2024 2:00 AM

8 Best Microsoft 365 Tips to Boost Work Productivity

by HubSite 365 about Kenji Farré (Kenji Explains) [MVP]

Co-Founder at Career Principles | Microsoft MVP

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Boost Productivity with Microsoft 365: Top 8 Tips from MVP Kenji Farré!

Key insights


  • Compile important data sources into a cover page with links, consolidating them in one file for easy access.
  • Utilize computer-specific shortcuts, such as the Windows key, to enhance efficiency.
  • Employ easy access shortcuts in your finder and browser bookmarks for quick navigation.
  • Use recordings to demonstrate tasks, allowing for easy re-watching and learning.
  • Implement email templates for repetitive email tasks to save time.

Enhancing Productivity with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 continues to be a pivotal tool in transforming the way we approach work, particularly when it comes to boosting productivity. The platform offers a plethora of features aimed at streamlining office tasks, thereby enabling users to work more efficiently. 

Executive Summary: In an insightful you_tube_video by Kenji Farré, titled "Microsoft 365 - Top 8 Productivity Tips for Work!", viewers are given a comprehensive guide on enhancing their office work productivity using various digital tools. The video outlines eight innovative strategies to streamline tasks and improve efficiency when using Microsoft 365 applications. These tips include creating a linked cover page for important data, utilizing shortcuts, leveraging browser bookmarks and finder easy access, making use of recordings, employing email templates, scheduling sends, saving diligently, and applying Parkinson's law to create artificial deadlines.

Comprehensive Productivity Strategies: The first notable tip shared is the creation of a linked cover page in Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. This approach centralizes access to critical data sources, making information retrieval more straightforward. Additionally, Farré emphasizes the importance of mastering computer-specific shortcuts, including those triggered by the Windows key, to expedite common tasks. The concept of easy access through browser bookmarks and finder shortcuts is also highlighted as a time-saving strategy.

Farré further advocates for the use of recordings to provide clear demonstrations of tasks, allowing for easy replication and review. The implementation of email templates for repetitive communications is presented as a method to reduce time spent on routine tasks. Moreover, the strategy of using schedule send functions enables users to manage their communications more efficiently, freeing up time for other activities. Farré also advises on the necessity of regular data saving to prevent loss, alongside the utilization of Parkinson's Law by setting artificial deadlines to foster focused work periods.

Enhancing Office Work with Microsoft 365: The video not only provides practical tips for using Microsoft 365 more effectively but also delves into productivity philosophies that can be applied beyond the digital realm. Farré's advice on the strategic use of technology to automate and simplify tasks offers viewers actionable steps to improve their workday productivity. Each chapter of the video, from Linked Cover Page to Parkinson's Law, is meticulously designed to enhance viewers' understanding and implementation of these productivity tips.

Reflection and Utilization: Kenji Farré's you_tube_video serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to boost their productivity in office settings. By embracing these strategies, individuals can optimize their use of Microsoft 365 tools, achieve greater efficiency, and create more organized and effective work habits. As technology continues to evolve, incorporating these tips into daily routines will undoubtedly lead to noticeable improvements in productivity and task management.

Microsoft 365 Productivity Tools

Microsoft 365 offers a vast array of tools and features designed to enhance workplace productivity and collaboration. From email management with Outlook to document creation in Word and data analysis in Excel, the suite provides everything needed for efficient office work. Collaboration is made seamless through Teams, allowing for real-time communication and file sharing among team members. Additionally, OneDrive offers secure cloud storage, ensuring that important files are always accessible and safe. Utilizing SharePoint for intranet purposes further facilitates information sharing and organizational communication.

By leveraging these sophisticated tools, users can significantly enhance their work processes. Learning to effectively use Microsoft 365's features, such as planning tasks in Planner or automating repetitive tasks with Power Automate, can lead to increased productivity levels. Moreover, the insights provided by MyAnalytics offer a unique opportunity to understand personal work habits and identify areas for improvement.

In summary, Microsoft 365 is not only a collection of productivity tools but also a platform that supports continuous improvement and efficiency in the workplace. The strategic application of its features, as demonstrated in Kenji Farré's insightful you_tube_video, can transform the way we approach and manage our work. As we continue to navigate the digital age, embracing these technologies and learning how to utilize them effectively will remain crucial for achieving success and maintaining a competitive edge in any professional environment.


People also ask

What are the 7 key benefits of Office 365?

Key advantages of Office 365 include the ability to access documents from any location at any time, offering a scalable solution that grows with your business needs. It facilitates seamless collaboration among teams, ensures clear communication channels, provides secure cloud storage options, allows for customized email configurations, and leverages business intelligence tools to make informed decisions.

How can I improve my o365 performance?

Improving Office 365 performance can significantly depend on the choice of internet browsers used for accessing its services.

Does Office 365 track productivity?

Yes, Office 365 includes functionality within the Microsoft 365 administrator dashboard that enables businesses to monitor user activity across various products, such as Teams. These analytical reports are accessible directly through the dashboard or can be exported in a CSV file for detailed analysis, available in time frames of seven, 30, 90, or 180 days.

How might Office 365 be used in the workplace?

Office 365 is designed to support workplace collaboration through cloud-based storage solutions like OneDrive and communication tools. One of its cornerstone features is Microsoft Teams, a unified communication and collaboration platform. Teams integrates chat, video calls, file sharing, and more, thereby fostering enhanced teamwork and productivity, especially in remote working scenarios.



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