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Latest Microsoft OneDrive Tips & Tricks | OneDrive Guide
Oct 4, 2023 4:00 PM

Latest Microsoft OneDrive Tips & Tricks | OneDrive Guide

by HubSite 365 about Mike Tholfsen

Principal Group Product Manager - Microsoft Education

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Unleash the full potential of Microsoft OneDrive with new features like AI recommendations, color-coded folders, and more.

In the insightful YouTube video by Mike Tholfsen on Microsoft's OneDrive, he skillfully demonstrates the numerous new features within this evolving platform, which are currently being rolled out. Such updates include the innovative 'For You' AI-recommendation, Folder colors, quick search capability, and the ability to pivot by People and Meetings, among other enhancements.

Tholfsen's tutorial circumscribes the essence of the concept 'Next Generation', and how it can optimally be utilised. Additionally, he provides invaluable tips to fully maximise the use of this platform.

The video also delves into the updated sharing dialog feature and provides comprehensive insights into the OneDrive roadmap.

The Evolution of Office 365

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, Microsoft has continuously developed OneDrive to meet users' needs across different lifestyles, whether at work, school, or home. Keeping all your files, from Office docs to photos, even files shared with you by others, accessible at your fingertips is one of the key ways makes life easier.

OneDrive guarantees secure file sharing, supplemented with robust sync options, and the ability to access files through any device. File permissions can be set for individuals and groups, and users can regulate access to files via SharePoint, Teams, or Outlook.

The integration of Office offers a convenient platform for collaborative work. Simultaneous editing of documents can be done from anywhere, and changes can be actively tracked in real-time. The intelligent search feature, powered by Microsoft Graph, surfaces what you need swiftly. This makes OneDrive's personalized recommendations a unique attribute.

The OneDrive mobile app facilitates on-the-go file creation, access, editing, and sharing. An important feature is the ability to capture whiteboards, scan documents for safekeeping, or annotate PDFs. Moreover, shifting seamlessly between work or school files and personal files is an added convenience.

Unique features such as editing photos directly in, uploading, previewing, and editing large files and videos, and saving valuable disk space by keeping files in the cloud are also explained in the video.

OneDrive assures protection for proprietary documents and data, allowing file recovery in case of device loss or cyberattack. You can back up and redirect known folders to OneDrive, ensuring file protection and availability on other devices.

Microsoft 365 enables centralized control over content across the organization, giving you the power to control internal and external sharing, set user access controls, manage default storage limits, and more.

Furthermore, OneDrive gives an extra protection layer for personal documents with Personal Vault and the ability to share files and photos with family and friends in one click.

Tholfsen asserts that OneDrive offers something for everybody, at every phase of their lives. It keeps evolving its features to help navigate through work, school, and life more efficiently.


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Learn about Microsoft OneDrive Tips and Tricks | The All New OneDrive

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