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Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Client Secrets in Entra
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Apr 27, 2024 11:30 PM

Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Client Secrets in Entra

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Bradley [MVP] (Our Cloud Network)

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Streamline App Development: Create Secrets in Microsoft Entra using Graph API

Key insights


  • Client secrets can now be created during App Registration in Microsoft Entra using Microsoft Graph PowerShell.
  • Managed Identity is preferred for security, but client secrets or certificates are necessary for external resources.
  • Common use-cases for client secrets include: testing, temporary application access, modern SMTP servers using OAuth2, and portable PowerShell scripts.
  • Requirements for creating a client secret include having the Microsoft Graph SDK installed and Global Administrator consent to the application.readwrite.all permission.
  • You can set a custom expiry date for the client secret, differing from the default 2-year lifespan.

Understanding Microsoft Entra's App Registration with Client Secrets

Create client secrets during App Registration in Microsoft Entra. You can now create client secret during app registration in Microsoft Entra using Microsoft Graph PowerShell. This helps to streamline the creation of apps and where necessary create a client secret at the same time, all in a single request to the Microsoft Graph API.

Client secrets are not always the preferred method to connecting to Microsoft Graph, or any other API for that matter. The best and most secure method is to use a Managed Identity. However, most resources external to your Microsoft tenant will rely on either a client secret or a certificate to connect to your application in the app-only context.

  • Testing scenarios
  • Temporary application access
  • Modern SMTP servers using OAuth2 (printers and applications)
  • Portable PowerShell scripts (such as an Autopilot registration script)

The requirements for creating a client secret during app registration are the same as creating an application without a client secret. You just need the Microsoft Graph SDK installed and ability to consent to the application.readwrite.all permission as a Global Administrator.



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Microsoft Entra - Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Client Secrets in Entra



People also ask

How do I get Client secret on Azure App registration?

To acquire an application secret for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), proceed to the Azure AD App Secrets section within the Azure AD application registration process.

How do I extend Client secret in Azure App Registration?

To extend a client secret in Azure App Registration, you must first log into the Azure portal. From there, access the Microsoft Entra service and select your application from the App Registrations section. Navigate to Certificates & Secrets and opt for New client secret to generate a renewed key. Once added, the new secret key's value will be displayed under the Key column, signifying successful renewal.

How do I register apps using Microsoft Entra ID?

To register applications using Microsoft Entra ID, sign into the Microsoft Entra admin center with an Application Developer role or higher. If managing multiple tenants, switch to your desired tenant via the Settings icon, selecting from the Directories + subscriptions menu. Then, proceed to Identity > Applications > App registrations and click on + New registration to commence the app registration process.

What is the difference between Microsoft Entra registered and joined?

Devices that are Microsoft Entra registered typically include personal devices such as mobile phones or laptops, where users log in with personal credentials. On the other hand, an Entra ID joined device is integrated with your organization, allowing users to log in with their work account, thus establishing a work-related identity on the device.



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