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Microsoft Experts Guide: Shared Channels in Teams without Tenant Switching
Jul 25, 2023 2:58 PM

Microsoft Experts Guide: Shared Channels in Teams without Tenant Switching

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Boost efficiency with shared channels in Microsoft Teams, eliminating tenant switching and fostering transparent, secure collaboration within and outside your o

No tenant switching is needed due to the availability of shared channels in Microsoft Teams, aimed at avoiding workflow interruptions caused by constant switching between your organization and guest tenants in Microsoft Teams. The feature of shared channels extends to working effectively with external organizations while staying in your home tenant. A shared channel constitutes a core team, including internal members outside of your team and external participants you've invited from outside your organization.

Once a shared channel is established, it offers a shared workspace, serving as a secure, efficient platform for transparent, open collaboration. It seamlessly integrates all participants as part of the extended team. It is important to note that Microsoft Entra cross-tenant access controls firmly establish trust. Users are securely authenticated and authorized on the backend, with their access to channels determined by their individually scoped permissions.


The functionality of shared channels in Microsoft Teams is explained by Jeremy Chapman, Microsoft 365 Director, who walks through how it works for Teams users, what steps administrators need to take for both your own tenant and your partner's tenant to configure everything appropriately, and how shared channels can be created and managed.

Further Discussion on Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams

The shared channels feature in Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that enhances collaboration, productivity, and workflow continuity. The implementation eliminates the need for tenant switching, streamlining communication within the core team and external members. It offers an efficient, secure and transparent workspace supporting seamless inter-organizational collaboration.

With Microsoft Entra's secure authentication and access controls, trust is established between different tenants, creating a synergy that allows for better efficiency and productivity. Notably, each user's access to channels is individually scoped, catering to specific user needs and roles. Therefore, shared channels in Microsoft Teams embody a powerful feature sustaining efficient collaboration and workflow consistency.

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Microsoft Teams provides a secure and efficient means for transparent and open collaboration between organizations. With Shared Channels, users can stay in their home tenant while collaborating with external organizations.

Shared Channels include a core team, internal members outside the team, and invited external participants outside of the organization. Access to the channel is based on individually scoped permissions that are securely authenticated and authorized on the backend. Microsoft Entra provides cross-tenant access control to establish trust. Users can create and manage shared channels with the help of admin steps for both their tenant and the partner's tenant. Microsoft 365 Director Jeremy Chapman can provide guidance on how to set up and use Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams.

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