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Creating Videos with Microsoft Stream: A step-by-step Guide for Experts
Aug 31, 2023 7:00 AM

Creating Videos with Microsoft Stream: A step-by-step Guide for Experts

by HubSite 365 about Microsoft

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Learn how to create and distribute how-to videos with Microsoft Stream, a tool for secure, interactive and efficient video sharing within an organization.

Samantha Bahrini, a product manager at Microsoft, provides a detailed walkthrough on how to create and distribute a how-to video using Microsoft Stream. The tutorial includes the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Stream
  • Set up the recording so that you are shown talking in a corner of the shared screen
  • Add onscreen text to your recording
  • Save your video
  • Add a title, description, chapters and a transcript to your video

Creating a how-to video with Microsoft Stream is an easy and efficient way to share information within your workspace. To get started, visit

More About Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a powerful tool from Microsoft 365 that enables users to create, share and view videos securely within their organization. With key features including screen recording, text additions, and the ability to add detailed meta-information, it ensures effective sharing of information in an interactive way. It can be leveraged for the creation of how-to guides, presentations, meeting recordings, and more. Microsoft Stream is integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools for better accessibility and performance.

Learn about How to make a video using Microsoft Stream


Microsoft Stream is a great tool for creating and sharing how-to videos. This video explains the steps for using Stream to record a video, including setting up the recording, adding text onscreen, saving the video, and adding a title, description, chapters, and transcript. With Stream, it is easy to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently. To get started, visit


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