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Office collaboration, file previews, and content discovery with SharePoint Embedded
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May 10, 2024 9:59 PM

Office collaboration, file previews, and content discovery with SharePoint Embedded

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Unlock Office productivity with SharePoint Embedded: Collaborate & manage documents seamlessly!

Key insights


  • SharePoint Embedded is a cloud-based, API-only solution enabling app developers to leverage the Microsoft 365 document storage platform for various applications, suitable for both enterprises and ISVs.

  • Documents within a SharePoint Embedded application stay in the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant, creating a dedicated SharePoint partition that is accessed solely via APIs, ensuring data resides within the user's control.

  • Introduces File Storage Containers for document storage, acting like API-only document libraries, which are secure and dedicated to the app, providing a scalable solution for document management and storage.

  • App-managed content experiences allow SharePoint Embedded applications to provide a user-experience layer for accessing and managing content, leveraging Microsoft 365's content management and collaboration features.

  • Documents stored through SharePoint Embedded applications adhere to the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant settings, including compliance, security, and collaboration capabilities, while billing for SharePoint Embedded content is separate and metered based on consumption.

The Significance of SharePoint Embedded in Modern Business Operations

SharePoint Embedded presents a new frontier for business application development and document management, offering an integrated solution that enables both Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprise-level businesses to manage and store files within the secure confines of a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Its API-only architecture not only simplifies integration into existing applications but also guarantees that documents are securely stored and managed within the customer's own Microsoft 365 tenant, thus preserving data sovereignty and enhancing security. Offering robust document management capabilities, such as automatic versioning, advanced search, and file sharing options, SharePoint Embedded facilitates efficient collaboration across teams by enabling real-time co-authoring of documents using Office web and desktop clients.

The adoption of SharePoint Embedded introduces a paradigm shift in how organizations manage their digital content. It not only fosters a collaborative and efficient work environment but also aligns with evolving regulatory requirements, thereby positioning businesses for future growth and digital transformation.



Office collaboration and content management are evolving, and SharePoint Online is at the forefront of this transformation. Marc Windle's session highlights the utilization of SharePoint Online for office collaboration, file previews, and content discovery. This innovative tool offers a cloud-based file and document management system that integrates seamlessly into any application.

One of the chief advancements introduced is an API-only solution known as SharePoint Online, designed for app developers. This facilitates the creation of robust applications by leveraging Microsoft 365's document storage capabilities. Whether for enterprises developing business applications or ISVs crafting multitenant applications, SharePoint Online is markedly versatile.

Applying this tool within a Microsoft 365 tenant leads to the creation of a unique partition. This partition, devoid of a traditional user interface, enables document access solely through APIs. It ensures that while documents are stored within the user's tenant, they remain exclusively accessible to the developer's application, enhancing security and privacy.


SharePoint Online - Enhance Teamwork in SharePoint: File Previews & Discover


People also ask

What is SharePoint embedded?

As a Microsoft expert, I can explain that SharePoint Embedded is an advanced API-centric solution designed specifically for application developers. It leverages the comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft 365’s document storage facility. This makes it ideal for enterprises focused on developing internal applications and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) tasked with creating applications for multiple tenants.

How to use SharePoint for collaboration?

The crux of collaboration via SharePoint revolves around the simplicity of sharing documents.

How to allow embedding on SharePoint?

Regulating the embedding capabilities on SharePoint involves either permitting or limiting the ability to embed content.

What are the features of SharePoint collaboration?

SharePoint’s collaboration efficiencies are evident through a variety of features. These include the management and versioning of files, simultaneous co-authoring capabilities, access to predefined templates, comprehensive content management systems, and robust document libraries, amongst others.



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