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Mastering Skills in Microsoft Viva Platform - A Guide
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Oct 12, 2023 6:00 PM

Mastering Skills in Microsoft Viva Platform - A Guide

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Revolutionize your workforce with our AI-powered Skills in Viva service, enhancing talent management with Microsoft 365 and Viva applications

AI-Driven Employee Skills Customization and Improvement in Modern Workplaces

Microsoft has recently released an innovative AI-backed service called Skills in Viva. This cutting edge service targets to fill skill gaps in company workforces. It aims to offer a fine-tuned skill-based experience for employees, business leadership, and human resources across Microsoft 365 and Viva applications.

Progressing leaps in AI technology are redefining talent management in companies. Job requirements shift, new skills emerge, and roles evolve. Leaders claim 82% of staff will need to upgrade skills to stay on par with AI expansion. Nonetheless, learning developments are struggling to keep pace with changes and innovative breakthroughs. A concerning 60% of individuals believe they lack the necessary skills to perform their job effectively.

Employees require prompt and streamlined access to new skills to adapt to an AI-driven future. Firms, in return, need agility to transition from traditional career-based talent handling to a skills-centered system. With AI-empowered skills tech, HR and firm leaders can prioritize strategy, boost business results while nurturing and empowering their workforce.

Skills in Viva integrates the comprehensive power of the Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn Skills Graph. Microsoft Graph provides evidence of employee actions across multiple Microsoft 365 facilities and services. In contrast, the LinkedIn Skills Graph presents a live model mapping the global skills terrain, including relations between unique skills, jobs, and learning content.

Through AI logic atop this data, Skills in Viva can smartly deduce an employee's skill profile, thereby enabling Viva patrons with an enhanced understanding of existing workforce skills. Notably, Skills in Viva will not associate specific LinkedIn member data to a Viva user's skills service. The exchange with Viva will host only LinkedIn Skills Graph's overarching skills data.

This state-of-the-art service promises to transform numerous scenarios between Microsoft Viva and other Microsoft 365 services and utilities. One such key situation includes strategic workforce planning.

Leadership will gain real-time insights into their firm's talent landscape, promoting an agile workforce enhancement and implementation. Skills in Viva supports new, dynamic computational dashboards inside Viva Insights. Leaders can visualize skill analytics to reach organization proficiencies, deficits, and opportunities. Furthermore, it provides an insight into skill distribution across organizations, units, stages, and evolves over time. Access more information about Viva here.

General Perception

AI is undeniably overhauling the modern corporate landscape. Contemporary firms harness AI's power to improve workplace efficiency and address talent gaps. Fostering and refining key skill sets are more relevant today than ever. In light of this, Microsoft's Skills in Viva emerges as a game-changer, bridging gaps between traditional career-based talent management practices and an evolved, skills-focused approach. With an AI-driven future, equipping employees with new skill sets has become paramount. A paradigm shift towards more customized, efficient and seamless learning environments is critical for sustaining growth and ensuring organizational success in the long run.

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Viva - Mastering Skills in Microsoft Viva Platform - A Guide

Learn about Skills in Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is a potent tool designed specifically to assist corporations in understanding the skills their workforce possesses, indicating areas of skill-gaps, and guiding their employees, business leaders, and HR through personalized skill-based experiences across Microsoft 365 and Viva applications. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bringing a transformative change to the traditional management style by connecting the dots between job requirements and employee skills. This has led to a point where 82% of leaders believe their workforce would need new skillsets to align themselves with AI advancements.

The objective is to break the barriers between learning and the pace of change. Recent surveys show that 60% of professionals feel incapacitated because they lack the skills required for their work. Hence, the need for faster, easier access to new skills is more critical than ever, given the surge in demand for AI-backed work cultures. Corporations are expected to shift their talent management practices from a job-based preference to a skills-based approach. This AI-powered model of understanding, growing and empowering skills would complement HR and business leaders in focusing on strategic growth and productivity.

Understanding current workforce skills demands in-depth insights which are provided by the combined strength of Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn Skills Graph. The former captures employee activity signals across Microsoft 365 applications, while the latter is a continually updating model that maps the global skills scene in context to their relation with each other, jobs, and learning content. This detailed understanding further improves the efficiency of the Skill in Viva, a tool aimed to draw out and understand the seemingly complex workforce skills. This tool respects privacy as it refrains from linking individual LinkedIn member data with users' Skill in Viva services.

This new service opens up a plethora of opportunities for workforce development and planning. Leaders gain real-time insights into their organization’s skills landscape which ultimately aids in smarter decision making. Skill in Viva’s dashboards visualizes skill metrics, helping leaders identify opportunities, competency levels, skills-gap, and distribution across teams. This offers a broader view of the organization at various levels, over time. This AI-powered model marks a significant step towards realizing an AI-powered future that benefits everyone involved, from employees to leaders, creating a harmonious, knowledge-driven workspace.

Note: It is important to highlight the respect towards data privacy in this system. The tool only shares aggregate skills data from the LinkedIn Skills Graph with itself, ensuring users' data privacy is not compromised.

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