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Microsoft Purview Portal Update: Pros & Cons
Microsoft Purview
Nov 27, 2023 9:00 AM

Microsoft Purview Portal Update: Pros & Cons

by HubSite 365 about Peter Rising [MVP]

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Explore Microsoft Purview for Data Security, Governance & Compliance!

The New Microsoft Purview Portal - Is it still a work in progress? In a recent YouTube video, Peter Rising [MVP] tests the new Microsoft Purview portal and encounters some surprising findings.

Data security and governance are crucial in today's digital landscape, and Microsoft 365 offers solutions to help organizations protect and manage their data across various locations. It addresses issues like fragmented data, lack of protection visibility, and the merging of IT management roles.

The New Microsoft Purview Portal - A work in progress?

In this video, the new Microsoft Purview portal is taken for a test run. The presenter shares some unexpected outcomes from their experience. This exploration is poised to give viewers an in-depth look at the platform's functionalities.

The overview provided in the article dated November 22, 2023, engages four contributors. It discusses how data security, governance, and compliance are now offered together within the solution. This consolidation aims to mitigate the issues of data fragmentation, visibility, and IT management role confusion.

By combining Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance solutions, the platform offers a unified approach. Organizations receive aid in gaining data visibility, safeguarding sensitive data, and managing data with novel governance methods. It also assists in addressing critical regulatory requirements and data risks.

Key Solution Areas

Microsoft Purview presents as a potent tool for securing and governing data. Its comprehensive coverage spans an organization's entire data landscape, from on-premises to multicloud deployments.

  • Integrated features are designed to discover and protect sensitive information.
  • Data governance is streamlined through a unified system managing diverse data services.
  • Risk and compliance solutions are included to support meeting regulatory standards.

The combined power of the available services such as Data Loss Prevention, Information Protection, and Insider Risk Management, among others, fortifies data security. Data governance components include tools like a Data Catalog, Data Map, and Data Policy, providing a robust environment for data management and insights.

Risk and compliance are equally pivotal, with solutions like Audit tools and eDiscovery. These are essential for organizations looking to minimize compliance risks and meet stringent data regulations.

For those focused on privacy, Microsoft Priva solutions are accessible in the original compliance portal. These are designed to aid in managing privacy risks and handle data subject requests seamlessly.

New Portal Highlights

The preview of the new Microsoft Purview portal brings a refreshed design and a simplified user experience. It offers streamlined architecture and easier navigation to Purview's various solutions.

While some selections will redirect to the classic compliance portal, the preview facilitates access to governance, security, and risk solutions. Detailed access and navigation instructions are available on the Learn about the

Understanding Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview represents a strategic integration of security and compliance solutions, designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive governance framework for their data. It is tailored to empower businesses by offering a singular interface for managing sensitive data, data classification, access control, and compliance with regulatory mandates. As companies continue to grow their digital estates with increasing amounts of data spread across various platforms and services, Microsoft Purview stands as a critical tool to facilitate a coherent and connected data management approach.

Microsoft Purview - Microsoft Purview Portal Update: Pros & Cons


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