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New Animated background in Microsoft Teams Meeting
Jul 1, 2023 9:00 AM

New Animated background in Microsoft Teams Meeting

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In this video I will show you the coolest backgrounds that were just added to the Microsoft teams meeting. #msteams #microsoftteams #office365 #microsoft365 #mv

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new animated backgrounds feature, which is now available for public preview. This feature allows users to replace their existing background with dynamic animations, creating a more immersive virtual environment during Teams meetings. Currently, only pre-defined backgrounds provided by Microsoft are supported.

To access the animated backgrounds feature, users must be members of the Teams Public Preview and use the Windows or macOS Teams client. Before a meeting starts, users can test the feature on the pre-join screen by selecting Effects and Avatars, then Video effects, and choosing a new animated background. During a meeting, users can choose an animated background by going to More, then Effects and Avatars, and selecting a background.

However, there are certain limitations to consider. Animated backgrounds are not available on low-end devices and require a minimum of 8 GB RAM and a CPU with four logical processors. Additionally, only pre-defined backgrounds from Microsoft are currently supported, and using video filters may impact background animation if the device is under high workload.
Overall, the animated backgrounds feature in Microsoft Teams aims to enhance meeting experiences by providing users with creative and personalized options for virtual backgrounds.+

Explore the Exciting New Backgrounds

The Microsoft Teams Meeting just got an upgrade! With new animated backgrounds, customizing your virtual meeting experience is even more enjoyable.

Learn about New Animated background in Microsoft Teams Meeting


Microsoft Teams recently added animated backgrounds to their meetings, allowing users to customize their video calls with an even more unique and engaging look. This video will show you how to use these new backgrounds, and the features they offer. It will also explain the different ways you can use them to make your meetings more exciting and memorable.

Microsoft Teams allows users to customize their meeting backgrounds with a range of different images and videos. In addition to this, the new animated backgrounds allow users to add motion to their meetings. This can be used to create a more engaging and immersive experience, as well as to make meetings more visually appealing.

The animated backgrounds can be used in different ways. They can be used to create a more dynamic and interesting environment, or to emphasize certain points of discussion. They can also be used to add a sense of fun and excitement to the call. Additionally, the backgrounds can be used to set the tone for the meeting, and to create a more professional look.

Using the animated backgrounds is simple. Users can select the background they want to use from the list of available images and videos, and then customize it to suit their needs. The backgrounds can be adjusted to the size of the meeting, and the speed and direction of the animation can also be changed. This allows users to create a unique and engaging background for each meeting.

In addition to the animated backgrounds, Microsoft Teams also offers a range of other features to make meetings more productive and enjoyable. These include the ability to share files and documents, to collaborate in real time, and to video chat with up to 250 people at once. This makes Microsoft Teams a great platform for both business and social meetings.

The new animated backgrounds in Microsoft Teams are a great way to add more life and personality to your meetings. They can help to make meetings more engaging and immersive, and to add a sense of fun and excitement. With the ability to customize backgrounds to suit different needs, they are a great way to make meetings more memorable and enjoyable.


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