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Microsoft Entra External ID Now Available for All
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Microsoft Entra
May 1, 2024 10:28 PM

Microsoft Entra External ID Now Available for All

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Revolutionize CIAM: Microsoft Entra External ID Launches May 15 for Seamless Identity Access

Key insights



  • Secure and customize external identities’ access to applications with Microsoft Entra External ID, simplifying CIAM.
  • Consolidate all identity management under the security and reliability of Microsoft Entra, reducing costs and complexity.
  • Streamline secure collaboration and ensure access is removed when no longer needed to reduce security risks.
  • Create frictionless end-user experiences by integrating secure authentication experiences into web and mobile apps.
  • Accelerate the development of secure applications by making it easy for developers to integrate identity into web and mobile apps.

Microsoft Entra External ID: Revolutionizing Customer Identity Access Management

Microsoft Entra External ID emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), offering unparalleled ease of managing external identities and access to applications. By consolidating identity management under Microsoft Entra’s security, businesses can significantly cut down on complexity, and costs. It streamlines secure collaboration between consumers, business customers, and partners while ensuring strict access governance and strong security postures.

I'm excited to share that the General Availability of Microsoft Entra External ID, a next-generation, developer-friendly customer identity access management solution, is set for May 15th. This solution is designed for developers building applications for various user groups, providing secure, customizable identity access management with ease.

  • Secure all identities with a single platform
  • Streamline secure collaboration
  • Create frictionless end-user experiences
  • Accelerate secure application development

Microsoft Entra simplifies the management of external identities and their access, reducing costs and complexity for administrators. It offers a unified experience for managing all identity types, leveraging the same innovative technologies used in Entra ID for improved security and governance.

For instance, Komatsu will utilize External ID across all external applications to enhance customer experience and maintain trust. Similarly, streamlined collaboration tools and ID Governance capabilities enable secure, seamless cooperation with external partners and customers.

External ID also introduces personalization options for end-user experiences, incorporating various authentication methods and user-centric designs. It focuses on making sign-in processes more intuitive, reducing friction, and enhancing user engagement.

Finally, it empowers developers to easily integrate identity into their applications, supported by the robust, reliable infrastructure of Microsoft Entra. An extended free trial is available, encouraging developers to secure their applications effectively.

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Microsoft Entra - Microsoft Entra External ID Now Available for All


People also ask

Is Microsoft Entra external ID still in preview?

As of now, the Microsoft Entra External ID functionality targeted at external tenants remains in the preview stage. Interested parties are encouraged to review the Universal License Terms for Online Services, which detail the legal considerations for Azure functionalities and services that are in stages of beta, preview, or not yet widely released.

What is the purpose of Microsoft Entra external ID in Microsoft Entra?

The core mission of the Microsoft Entra External ID is to streamline collaborations with external entities for organizations. This is achieved by empowering external identities to gain secure access to an organization's applications and resources, significantly enhancing inter-organizational cooperation and workflow efficiency.

Which choice correctly describes Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID represents a pivotal element of Microsoft’s cloud-based portfolio, primarily focusing on identity and access management. Its design facilitates seamless connectivity between individuals and their essential tools, including applications, devices, and data, thereby underpinning users' seamless digital experiences.

Is Microsoft Entra replacing B2C?

Indeed, Microsoft Entra introduces a pivotal identity service known for its robust identity management and access control functionalities, serving as a replacement for Azure Active Directory. Furthermore, Microsoft Entra External ID emerges as a novel customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, architecturally grounded on the foundation provided by Azure AD B2C.



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