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Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Recording
Oct 10, 2023 7:30 PM

Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Recording

by HubSite 365 about Scott Brant

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Master the art of attendance record tracking in Microsoft Teams Meetings with our expert guide on policies and settings.

Recording & Viewing Attendance in Online Meetings via Microsoft's Video-conferencing Software

The YouTube video, brought out by Scott Brant, unveils the interesting feature of recording and viewing attendance in online meetings conducted through Microsoft's Video-conferencing software. This feature empowers organizers with important insights such as who participated in the meeting, join and leave timings, thereby enhancing the efficiency of future arrangements.

For enhanced adaptability, the software allows admins to control downloading of attendance reports (earlier known as engagement reports), thereby providing a secure and flexible environment for businesses and organizations. This can be found in various segments within the 'People > Participants' of the meeting, the meeting invite, and in the meeting chat.Find out more about this capability.

Aside from managing general meetings, this tool has also found great utility in the educational field. Teachers can keep track of student attendance in online classes by easily downloading the attendance report at the commencement of a class.


Managing Attendance Report Policies

The video also walks through the process of managing attendance report policies using the Microsoft admin center. It guides you to navigate the interface, choose and customize the policy options for attendance reports, and manage attendee visibility in the report. The customizable options provide a high level of granularity, from allowing every participant's visibility unless they opt-out, to excluding all participants.

The attendance summary also allows preferences for showing complete details of meeting attendees' join times, leave times, and in-meeting duration, or, it can also be set to show only the attendees without any details. The policy selection culminates with the organizer selecting 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Furthermore, the featured Microsoft admin center doesn't support an administrator to view the attendance report for meetings that they did not organize. On the contrary, participant details can be observed within 24 hours of that meeting.

Scripting Attendance Report Policies

Brant further delves into the usage of scripting, using PowerShell, to manage attendance report policies. It includes the usage of the -AllowEngagementReport parameter and Set-CsMeetingPolicy cmdlet to effectively turn on attendance reports. He also offers examples of scripts that can enable or disable various features and preferences of the attendance report.

The flexibility to script parameters allows meeting organizers to selectively show who attended and exclude other data. The video focuses on equipping organizers with autonomous control over the visibility and detail levels of their meeting attendance reports.

The Bigger Picture

The video on recording & viewing attendance in Microsoft's Videoconferencing software brings to light not just a feature, but a systematic, adaptable tool that can optimize online meetings. By providing in-depth insights on attendees and their activities, it empowers the organizer to make effective strategies. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a varied range of users, whether it is a formal business meeting or an online educational class. This feature, coupled with the ability to manage attendance report policies either through the admin center or via scripting, puts a powerful, adaptable tool in the hands of users.

Teams - Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Recording Guide 2023

Learn about How to Record & View Attendance in Microsoft Teams Meetings (2023)

The YouTube video topic at hand details how to record and view attendance in Microsoft Teams Meetings. It's a tool to track both individual and overall participation in meetings or webinars. This becomes exceptionally useful for administrators or organizers seeking real-time and post-meeting data and for educators tracking student involvement in online classes. On that account, understanding the key concepts around this topic would provide valuable insights and enhance efficient usage of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft presents a variety of courses on LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn, that can deepen one's knowledge on attendance tracking in Teams Meetings. A helpful starting point would be "Master Microsoft Teams" on LinkedIn Learning. Additionally, the "Managing Meetings, Conferences, and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams" course could give further understanding on this topic. It's important to comprehend the capabilities of Teams, but also the rules and policies that govern its operation.

In the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, organizers can set policies around attendance reports, stipulate who has access to them and regulate the bypass or alpha stage of it. One key factor is that the report can be tuned to include as much or as little as the organizer requires. This can range from only displaying who attended, to detailed information including join and leave times, and in-meeting duration.

When it comes to policy settings, organizers have quite a bit of control. They may define whether reports will be available for all or none, and whether participants can opt-in or opt-out from being included. These policies are adjustable in the Teams Admin Center and can also be managed through PowerShell. This allows the tool to be leveraged according to different needs, creating a flexible environment for all users involved.

It is key to note that as an admin, you can't view the attendance report for meetings that you don't organize. Alternatively, participant details can be viewed within 24 hours of a meeting. This highlights the importance of planning and knowledgable use of the admin center to ensure efficient policy management and usage of these reports.

The feature of attendance reports is vastly customizable to the point where there's an option to remove or show all data including join and leave times and in-meeting duration. That said, knowing your way around the PowerShell commands would be beneficial. There are existing scripts that can be used to turn on/off attendance reports, permit participants to opt in/out, and tailor the type of data shown in reports.


Beside the usage recommendations, the Microsoft Teams analytics and reporting, Teams usage report, webinars setup, and Teams policies reference – Meeting policies provides additional resources. These resources would significantly increase one's prowess in handling and mastering the features that Teams have to offer.

In conclusion, leveraging Microsoft Teams for attendance tracking can lead to more effective meetings and a better understanding of participant engagement. The various Microsoft Learning courses and references available are certainly worth exploring to expand one's knowledge in this area.


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