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SharePoint How to drag and drop images and text into the Text Web Part
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Aug 2, 2023 6:00 AM

SharePoint How to drag and drop images and text into the Text Web Part

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In this video, I explain how you can easily add images to a SharePoint page.

The SharePoint Text Web Part is a critical feature that allows users to add, edit, and format text on a SharePoint page. Serving as the building blocks, the Text Web Part provides flexibility in adding and modifying text as per user requirements. Features offered by Text Web Part in SharePoint include:

  • Adding text anywhere on the page.
  • Formatting text including altering font size, color, alignment etc.
  • Creating hyperlinks within the text.
  • Embedding dynamic content using expressions.
  • Enabling collaboration where multiple users can participate in text editing simultaneously.
  • Supports accessibility features making SharePoint more accessible for all users.

Using the Text Web Part in SharePoint is straightforward. Click on the '+' button to add the web part, select the Text Web Part from the options available, start typing or paste existing text, and format it using the toolbar.

Detailed Overview of SharePoint's Text Web Part:

The Text Web Part in SharePoint, beyond its primary function of adding text, has diverse features that boost its applicability and utility. The power of formatting text, creating hyperlinks, and even embedding dynamic content using expressions enhances the text editing experience. Moreover, the collaboration feature takes teamwork to a whole new level, as team members can now jointly contribute to content. Comprehensive support for accessibility features adds up to the utility by making the platform more inclusive. Therefore, the Text Web Part stands as an essential pillar in SharePoint environment, simplifying the text handling process and offering various powerful functionalities.


Learn about SharePoint How to drag and drop images and text into the Text Web Part

The Text Web Part in SharePoint is a useful tool for adding and formatting text on a page. It allows users to add text, format it according to their needs, insert links, embed expressions, collaborate with multiple users, and make the SharePoint site more accessible. To use the Text Web Part, simply click on the plus button (+) where you want to add it and select it from the available options. You can then start typing directly or paste text from another source, and use the toolbar to format it as desired.

With the Text Web Part, you can add headings, paragraphs, lists, and other text elements. You can also format the text by changing the font size, color, alignment, and other attributes. Additionally, you can create hyperlinks to other pages, documents, or external websites. Depending on the version of SharePoint and your permissions, you may also be able to insert dynamic content using expressions. Finally, the Text Web Part supports adding alternative text and other accessibility features.


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