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How to use Copilot in Microsoft PowerPoint to ease create presentation decks
Nov 24, 2023 6:00 AM

How to use Copilot in Microsoft PowerPoint to ease create presentation decks

by HubSite 365 about Stuart Ridout: Productivity Coach

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Master PowerPoint with Copilot: Effortlessly summarize, create, and edit decks with AI assistance. Transform presentations today!

Microsoft Copilot is a revolutionary feature in Microsoft PowerPoint that simplifies the process of creating, editing, and improving presentation decks through natural language commands. In an informative YouTube video by "Stuart Ridout: Productivity Coach," viewers can learn a variety of ways to use this tool effectively. Among the highlights of the video, the author showcases how to summarize and query existing presentations, create a presentation from the ground up, and utilize Copilot to convert a Word document from OneDrive into a dynamic PowerPoint slide deck.



A key aspect of Microsoft Copilot is its ability to expedite the creation of a new presentation. By simply providing a topic to Copilot, users can quickly generate a draft presentation to work from. The video encourages those with access to Copilot to try this feature for themselves. Furthermore, the tool can also summarize the core points of a lengthy presentation, providing a concise overview of the material which can be a significant time-saver.

Copilot also has organizational capabilities, helping to restructure slides in a manner that enhances the overall flow and effectiveness of the presentation. The video suggests that users give it a try and see if the automated changes align with their intended message. In addition, Copilot offers design assistance, helping users create visually appealing presentations by generating professional-looking slides and images.

To get the most out of this PowerPoint tool, the video advises experimenting with different prompts. This approach helps users refine their interaction with Copilot to get precise outcomes, like adding a relevant image to a slide. The video concludes with a call to explore more ways Microsoft Copilot can be used to enhance PowerPoint presentations, although specific prompt tips are not included in this summary.

  • Summarize and query presentations
  • Create a presentation from scratch
  • Edit existing presentations
  • Organize and design attractive slides

Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations with Microsoft Copilot

Embracing the future of presentation design, Microsoft Copilot serves as a digital ally in PowerPoint, streamlining the process of creating engaging and professional slide decks. By leveraging large language models, Copilot transforms how we approach presentations—whether refining complex information into key points or crafting a presentation from scratch, it assuages the workload. As artificial intelligence continues to advance, tools like Copilot are set to redefine productivity and creativity within various software applications, embodying the next step in intuitive technology assistive capabilities.

Microsoft Copilot - Master PowerPoint: Create Decks Easily with Copilot Guide

Maximizing the Use of Copilot in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Copilot has revolutionized the way users engage with PowerPoint. It empowers individuals to create, edit, and manage presentations through natural language commands. This technology is designed to enhance productivity and improve user experience.

One of the key features of this tool is its ability to provide quick summaries of existing presentations. It can also assist in the creation of new presentation decks from scratch. The AI is even capable of generating decks from Word documents stored in OneDrive, streamlining work processes.

Beyond creation, Copilot offers editing capabilities. It streamlines the presentation-making process by generating drafts from given topics. For anyone with access to this feature, it can be a game-changer for creating impactful presentations rapidly.

Create a New Presentation

Starting a new presentation is now simpler than ever. With a simple command to Copilot, it can generate a draft on any given topic. This allows users to jump into fine-tuning and personalizing their presentation straight away.

  • Summarise and query existing presentation decks
  • Create a presentation from scratch using AI support
  • Generate a presentation from a OneDrive Word document
  • Edit a presentation effortlessly

Summarize Your Presentation

For presentations that are lengthy and detailed, Copilot can condense the content. This summarization tool highlights key points, making it easier to grasp the main message. Whether for review or to draft summaries, Copilot handles it efficiently.

Organize Your Presentation

Not only does Copilot assist in content creation, but it can also restructure slides for better flow and engagement. Users retain control by deciding whether the suggested changes fit their needs. Those with access to Copilot can explore this feature for improved presentations.

Enhance the Aesthetic of Your Presentations

Create visually appealing presentations with Copilot's assistance. It aids in designing slides and curating images, ensuring that your presentation is not just informative but also pleasing to the eye.

Interactive Prompts for Customization

Copilot supports various prompts that help in customizing presentations. Whether it is adding images or changing layouts, these prompts guide users to create the desired effect on their slides. Users can get tips on using these prompts to optimize their experience.

Copilot in PowerPoint: A Closer Look

In today’s fast-paced environment, efficient tools like Copilot are invaluable. Aimed at enhancing productivity, Copilot integrates with PowerPoint to simplify the presentation creation process. This tool is not just for summarizing or creating decks; it's a comprehensive solution for managing presentation workflows. With natural language capabilities, it opens up new possibilities in handling data and content. Those with access to Copilot can transform their presentation approach, maximizing both time and effort. It's a shining example of AI integration in office tools, providing a glimpse into the future of workplace technology.


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