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20 Excel Shortcuts in 10 Minutes!
Jul 10, 2023 6:00 AM

20 Excel Shortcuts in 10 Minutes!

by HubSite 365 about Kevin Stratvert

Content Creator & former Microsoft Product Manager

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Learn 20 Excel shortcuts to 10x your productivity and impress your manager!

This text presents a tutorial on 20 Excel shortcuts aimed at increasing productivity when dealing with Excel. The shortcuts covered will significantly improve efficiency and speed when working on spreadsheets. The guide initially discusses the use of a financial model, touching on topics like zooming, gridline removal, number formatting, and grouping. Afterward, the tutorial shifts focus onto data analysis using such tools as filters, duplication elimination, value replacement, paste special, and smart fill. 

This video tutorial walks viewers through 20 Excel shortcuts to enhance their efficiency and speed while working on spreadsheets. Here's a quick summary:

  • 1.  Zoom In/Out: Use Ctrl+Alt+(+/-).
  • 2.  Auto-fit Columns/Rows: Alt+H+O+I for columns and Alt+H+O+A for rows.
  • 3.  Remove Grid Lines: Alt+W+V+G.
  • 4.  Navigate Across Sheets: Use Ctrl+Arrow keys. Add Shift to select areas.
  • 5.  Select Specific Rows/Columns: Use Shift+Space for rows and Ctrl+Space for columns.
  • 6.  Adjust Column Width: Alt+H+O+W.
  • 7.  Format Numbers: Use Ctrl+Shift+(1/5/4) for regular numbers, percentages, and currency respectively.
  • 8.  Increase/Decrease Decimals: Alt+H+(9/0).
  • 9.  Add Totals: Use Alt+= after selecting the area.
  • 10.  View Formulas: Ctrl+(`).
  • 11.  Group Rows: Shift+Alt+Right arrow to group, Shift+Alt+Left arrow to ungroup.
  • 12.  Add Comments: Shift+F2.
  • 13.  Rename Worksheet: Alt+H+O+R.
  • 14.  Add Filters: Ctrl+Shift+L.
  • 15.  Remove Duplicates: Alt+A+M.
  • 16.  Find and Replace: Ctrl+H.
  • 17.  Move Rows: Select row, hold Shift, and drag.
  • 18.  Auto-fill Columns: Enter initial entry, then use Ctrl+E to autofill.
  • 19.  Add Entries from a List: Alt+Down arrow.
  • 20.  Copy and Paste as Values: Ctrl+Alt+V, then select values.
  • 21.  Convert Data into a Table: Ctrl+T.


These shortcuts allow you to manipulate data, format cells, navigate through worksheets, adjust the layout, and create tables with efficiency and speed. The video also offers an Excel for Business and Finance course for further learning.


Delving Deeper into Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts are pivotal for quick and efficient spreadsheet tasks. They not only optimize the general workflow, but they also make navigation easier and faster. With shortcuts such as Ctrl+Alt+(+/) for zooming in/out and Alt+H+O+I for autofitting columns, Excel spreadsheet manipulation becomes more straightforward. Furthermore, you can remove gridlines using Alt+W+V+G or navigate across sheets with Ctrl+Arrow keys, adding Shift to select areas.

Learn about 20 Excel Shortcuts in 10 Minutes!


Learning about 20 Excel shortcuts in 10 minutes can help to 10x productivity and impress your manager. This video tutorial covers 12 shortcuts related to a financial model, such as zooming in, removing gridlines, autofit, number formatting, grouping, auto sum, and more. The second part of the tutorial focuses on data analysis, such as using filters, removing duplicates, replacing values, paste special, smart fill and more. Here's a quick summary of some of the shortcuts: Zoom In/Out with Ctrl+Alt+(+/-); Auto-fit Columns/Rows with Alt+H+O+I for columns and Alt+H+O+A for rows; Remove Grid Lines with Alt+W+V+G; Navigate Across Sheets with Ctrl+Arrow keys; Select Specific Rows and Columns with Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keys; Number Formatting with Ctrl+Shift+1; Group Rows/Columns with Alt+Shift+Right/Left Arrow; AutoSum with Alt+=; Filters with Alt+D+F+F; and Remove Duplicates with Alt+D+E+D. With these 20 shortcuts, users can quickly enhance their efficiency and speed while working on spreadsheets.


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