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Top SharePoint Page Design Tips for 2024 - Optimize Now!
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May 7, 2024 6:00 AM

Top SharePoint Page Design Tips for 2024 - Optimize Now!

by HubSite 365 about SharePoint Maven Inc

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Boost SharePoint User Adoption: Master Page Design with Top 10 Best Practices!

Key insights


  • Keep the content above the fold to minimize vertical scrolling and enhance content visibility.
  • Reduce white space on a page by optimizing layout, such as using a three-column section to utilize space efficiently.
  • Organize text with Text Headings to structure content clearly for users.
  • Use Page Anchors to create a Table of Contents for easy navigation through long pages of content.
  • Add a Vertical Section to include additional content without cluttering the page layout.

Enhancing SharePoint Page Design for Better User Engagement

Creating engaging and user-friendly SharePoint Pages is essential for improving both user experience and adoption rates.


SharePoint Online Page Design Essentials

In an instructional video released by SharePoint Maven Inc, viewers are provided with a comprehensive guide to designing SharePoint pages. These top 10 best practices aim to enhance user engagement and improve site adoption. The principles cover a range of aspects from content placement to site navigation, each designed to create a more efficient and visually appealing SharePoint page.

Content Organization and Accessibility

The first set of tips emphasizes the importance of content organization. Keeping content above the fold is crucial as it reduces the need for excessive vertical scrolling, making content easily accessible. Reducing white space and utilizing text headings can make the page look more organized and allow users to find information faster. Additionally, the use of page anchors is encouraged for lengthy pages, enabling users to jump directly to the sections they need.

To effectively manage the layout, adding a vertical section to the page can introduce an additional column, providing more space for content without cluttering. However, embedding lists and libraries should be avoided as they can take up valuable space and detract from the page's visual appeal.

Navigation and Comments

Site navigation plays a key role in the user's experience. It's advisable to use sublinks in site navigation to keep it clean and organized. The decision to hide site navigation should be carefully considered; it's recommended for Communication Sites within a Hub to avoid confusion but not for Team Sites where navigation is essential for accessing key features like the Recycle Bin.

Disabling page comments can also streamline the page and encourage discussions to occur in more suitable platforms like Teams or Viva Engage, focusing the SharePoint page on content rather than conversation.


Following these best practices can significantly improve the design and functionality of SharePoint Online pages. By focusing on efficient content organization, thoughtful layout management, and strategic navigation settings, creators can design pages that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and conducive to engagement and adoption.



SharePoint Online - Top SharePoint Page Design Tips for 2024 - Optimize Now!


People also ask

"How do I beautify a SharePoint page?"

Answer: As a Microsoft expert, I recommend enhancing the visual appeal of your SharePoint site by customizing the site header for a more engaging experience.

"How to design a SharePoint page?"

Answer: The initial step in crafting a SharePoint page is to create a new page. This foundational action sets the stage for further customization and content addition.

"What is the structure of a SharePoint page?"

Answer: SharePoint utilizes templates to govern and generate the pages presented on a site. Fundamentally, a SharePoint page is structured through three primary elements: Master pages, which dictate the universal framing elements or the 'chrome' that surrounds all pages within the site; and Page layouts, designated to organize the layout for specific categories of pages, ensuring a coherent structure throughout the platform.

"How to format a SharePoint page?"

Answer: Modifying a page's layout in SharePoint can be done post-login and during page edit mode. To accomplish this, one should select the 'Edit' option or access 'Site Actions' to choose 'Edit Page.' Within the editing interface, navigate to the 'Page' tab on the ribbon, click on the 'Page Layout' dropdown, and opt for the desirable layout, awaiting the page's refresh to see the new layout applied.



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