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Latest Updates and Features in Microsoft Forms
Sep 18, 2023 12:30 PM

Latest Updates and Features in Microsoft Forms

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Christian [MVP]

Lead Infrastructure Engineer / Vice President | Microsoft MCT & MVP | Speaker & Blogger

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Discover new Microsoft Forms features - attractive invitation cards and live feedback during PowerPoint shows!

Microsoft Forms has introduced two new features that the author, Daniel Christian, is excited about. The features include attractive invitation cards and live feedback during PowerPoint presentations. With the new live presentation capabilities, you can share your survey live, either during online or in-person events. By scanning the QR code or using a short URL displayed on the survey, audiences can participate in live surveys and view real-time responses.

These interaction and engagement tools are deemed crucial in attracting and maintaining audience interest. Present mode is triggered by clicking the "present" icon located at the top right corner, from there, a QR code and URL are displayed to audience members. Upon scanning the code or entering the URL on their smartphones, participants can then access the live survey. In present mode, all responses are visible as they are submitted and are saved in the response tab once you exit the mode and switch to editing mode.

Preference is given to "Anyone can respond" setting especially when targeting external audiences or a wider data capture. Switching to other permission modes may require respondents to sign-in to a Microsoft account. In concurrent development, Microsoft is also improving the Forms PowerPoint add-on experience to include the present mode. This feature will enable seamless workflow without the need to open another browser or switch screens.

Key Features of New Microsoft Forms

  • Attractive Invitation Cards: Enhances appeal to potential respondents.
  • Live feedback during PowerPoint presentation: Surveys can be conducted live, enhancing interaction and engagement.
  • Present Mode: Displays survey as a QR code or short URL for audiences to participate.
  • Real-time results: This dynamic feature updates responses as they come in.
  • Permission Control: Allows flexibility in who can respond to your surveys.

These new features offer a more interactive and engaging way of conducting surveys and quizzes. With the upcoming enhancements in the PowerPoint add-on, users can look forward to an even more seamless presentation experience.

Learn about Microsoft Forms Latest New Features!

The video covers the latest features introduced in Microsoft Forms, focusing on two main updates: Attractive Invitation Cards and Live feedback during PowerPoint presentation. The first feature, Attractive Invitation Cards, is briefly mentioned but not elaborated on in this section.

The primary focus is on the new live presentation capabilities which Microsoft Forms has introduced. This feature allows real-time interaction and audience engagement, while capturing crucial feedback. The presenter can share surveys or quizzes live on any platform, online or in-person event, simply by using a QR code or a short URL. Audience members can participate in these live surveys and see the results in real-time. The method of operation is elaborated in the video, discerning its efficiency and ease-of-use.

  • The presenter enters the interactive present mode by clicking on the 'present' icon located at the top right corner of their form or quiz.
  • A QR code and a shortened URL will appear on the screen which audience members can scan with their smartphone cameras to get directed to the form or quiz.
  • Responses to the survey or quiz reflect dynamically in the present mode, getting updated with the latest information and saved under the 'response' tab.
  • The present mode operates under the same permission settings as the quiz or form, however, it’s recommended to set it to 'Anyone can respond' for larger, external audiences.

In conclusion, the video introduces the latest interaction and engagement features of Microsoft Forms, demonstrating their utility and benefits for presenters and audience members alike.


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