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Master SC-400: Ultimate Guide to Sensitivity Labels
Microsoft Compliance center
Mar 22, 2024 2:00 AM

Master SC-400: Ultimate Guide to Sensitivity Labels

by HubSite 365 about Peter Rising [MVP]

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Master Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft 365: Elevate Your Data Protection Game!

Key insights


  • Understanding Sensitivity Labels: Learn the importance of sensitivity labels in protecting sensitive information within an organization and how they act as digital guardians.
  • Implementation and Policy Management: Guide on setting up permissions, roles, creating custom sensitivity labels, and navigating sensitivity label policies to secure data effectively.
  • Automating the Labeling Process: Explore auto-labeling policies to increase efficiency in data protection practices.
  • Target Audience: Tailored for aspiring Microsoft Information Protection Administrators, security enthusiasts, and candidates preparing for the SC-400 exam.
  • Certification Benefits: Highlights the advantage of getting certified in enhancing career opportunities by leveraging expertise in data protection and compliance.

Exploring Microsoft 365 Sensitivity Labels and Data Protection

Sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 play a crucial role in protecting an organization's sensitive information. They help in classifying and safeguarding data based on its sensitivity level. Understanding the implementation and management of these labels is essential for maintaining compliance and data security. The SC-400 exam prepares individuals to adeptly manage these labels, including setting up roles and permissions, creatingcustom labels, and automating the labeling process through auto-labeling policies. This expertise not only enhances data protection efforts but also opens doors to career advancements in the realm of information protection and compliance. The importance of continuous learning and staying abreast with the latest in Microsoft 365 security and compliance cannot be overstated for professionals in this field.



In the detailed you_tube_video guide created by Peter Rising [MVP], viewers are introduced to the critical importance of sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365, vital for anyone passionate about data protection and compliance. Aimed at individuals preparing for the SC-400 exam, the video goes far beyond the basics, deep diving into roles and permissions, creating custom labels, navigating policy management, and uncovering the power of auto-labeling to streamline processes. This content is perfect for Microsoft Information Protection Administrators and those with a keen interest in securing data.

Emphasizing the importance of certification, the video positions itself as an invaluable resource for career advancement in the field of security, specifically through the mastery of sensitivity labels within the Microsoft Compliance center. Through the exploration of label setup, policy configuration, auto-labeling, and monitoring tools such as Content Explorer and the Audit feature, viewers gain comprehensive insights into effective data protection strategies. The video concludes by underscoring the leverage of the Information Protection Scanner for enhanced security measures.

The accompanying article further enriches this learning journey by providing a thorough study guide aimed at exam preparation for Administrating Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365. It covers the nuts and bolts of what to expect from the exam, including the structure, skills measured after August 22, 2023, and extensive resources for thorough preparation. The detailed breakdown of exam content from information protection, data loss prevention (DLP), data lifecycle and records management, monitoring and investigating data activities using Microsoft Compliance center, to managing insider and privacy risk, offers a roadmap for success in the exam.

  • It serves as a comprehensive manual for setting up sensitivity labels and defining permissions.
  • Guides through crafting custom sensitivity labels to meet an organization's specific requirements.
  • Delves into configuring and managing sensitivity label policies.
  • Introduces auto-labeling to improve efficiency and security.
  • Explores tools for monitoring and auditing label usage.





People also ask

What is the passing score for SC-400 exam?

To successfully pass the SC-400 exam, a candidate is required to score a minimum of 700. For more information on exam scoring, one can visit the official Microsoft documentation.

How do you add a sensitivity label to a document?

To add a sensitivity label to a document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you should click on the Edit icon at the top of your screen to unfold the ribbon. Navigate to the Home tab, scroll down, and click on Sensitivity. From there, you can select the appropriate label for your document. Further details can be sought on the specific configurations of sensitivity labels set by your organization through their designated informational website.

What administrator or administrators can create sensitivity labels?

In the context of sensitivity labels, access to create and manage these labels is initially granted to the global administrators of your tenant by default. These global administrators then have the capability to extend access to manage sensitivity labels to compliance officers and other designated individuals without conferring full tenant admin privileges upon them.

Which programs require sensitivity labels be used for marking sensitive files?

Among the multitude of scenarios necessitating sensitivity labels for identifying sensitive files, notable ones include applying labels through the scanner, File Explorer, and PowerShell courtesy of the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client; leveraging auto-labeling policies within SharePoint and OneDrive; using exported labeled and encrypted data from Power BI; and deploying Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps.



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