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Fall 2023 Microsoft Teams: 11 New Education Features
Oct 24, 2023 7:00 AM

Fall 2023 Microsoft Teams: 11 New Education Features

by HubSite 365 about Mike Tholfsen

Principal Group Product Manager - Microsoft Education

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Explore the top 11 new features in Microsoft Teams for Education for Fall 2023, including Alternate Grade Formats and OneNote integration improvements.

The YouTube video "11 new features in Microsoft's educational platform for Fall 2023," created by Mike Tholfsen encapsulates a comprehensive tutorial on the latest updates. He delves into the top 11 revisions and the focus is primarily on the educational aspect of Microsoft's communication tool.

In this Microsoft Teams tutorial video, I show the top 11 Microsoft Teams newfeatures for 2023. MS Teams Education new updates include Alternate GradeFormats, Import of Assignments and Grades settings, Mark as Excused, OneNoteClass Notebook integration improvements, Reflect updates, and lots more. Newfeatures in Teams are always rolling out and updating, so this can help you keepup with the latest additions. Learn more about signing up for Public 
  1. 0:00 Introduction
  2. 0:15 Alternate grading format
  3. 2:32 Import Assignment and Grade settings
  4. 3:40 Mark as excused in Assignments
  5. 4:37 Multi-class publishing updates
  6. 5:54 Setting Timed Quiz in Assignments
  7. 6:29 OneNote Section support in Classwork
  8. 7:39 OneNote Page Preview
  9. 8:26 New Video camera updates
  10. 9:41 Comprehension Questions in Reading Progress
  11. 13:20 Clickable Insights cards in Reading Progress
  12. 14:37 Reflect - Student Home Page


Moving towards a More Integrated Digital Education

With the rapid digitization of the educational process, Microsoft's communication tool is shaping up to be a one-stop solution that caters to various aspects of digital education. Its well-thought-out features enable educators to organize, track, and assess student progress while facilitating seamless communication. The regular introduction of new features and updates shows a clear understanding of the educational sector's needs and promises a most effective tool for education in the digital era.

Teams - Fall 2023 Microsoft Teams: 11 New Education Features


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