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Windows 11 2024 Update Features: Must-Know
Jan 8, 2024 7:00 AM

Windows 11 2024 Update Features: Must-Know

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Discover Key Changes: Windows 11 Ditches WordPad & Examines Open Source Software Risks!

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Windows 11 Updates 2024: Essential Tech Insights The Latest Windows 11 Tech News. Today's tech news is about WordPad to be removed from Windows 11 and also the dark side of open-source software like Thorium browser.

  • Microsoft has announced that WordPad is no longer receiving updates and will be phased out in future Windows releases, urging users to switch to Microsoft Word for complex documents and Notepad for plain text files.
  • WordPad, which has had minimal updates since Windows 8, is losing attention to upgrades in Notepad, such as autosave and tab restoration features introduced since 2018.
  • Speculation around WordPad's removal points to Microsoft's trend of simplifying Windows and promoting its cloud-based Office 365 suite; removal could coincide with an anticipated Windows 12 release featuring AI-powered enhancements.
  • The open-source Thorium browser, built on Chromium, faces scrutiny over its privacy practices with criticisms about excessive user data collection and vulnerability exploits leading to concerns about open-source software security.
  • Users are advised to conduct thorough research on open-source software they plan to use to understand the potential privacy and security implications thoroughly.

In the news about Windows 11's evolution, there's a noticeable shift in the software ecosystem, with a greater push towards cloud-based solutions and emphasis on advanced features and security. WordPad's anticipated removal is a strategic move by Microsoft to streamline their operating system and promote more sophisticated, subscription-based offerings like Office 365. Even as open-source software like the Thorium browser is praised for its privacy and security, recent concerns highlight the importance of vigilance and informed use when it comes to any software choices.

Windows' Evolution and Open-Source Software Considerations

Today's tech highlights include significant developments within the Windows 11 operating system. In a surprising move, Microsoft has announced that the classic WordPad application will be phased out of Windows 11. This change underscores the evolving nature of Microsoft's software suite, also pointing to the challenges faced by open-source alternatives such as the Thorium browser.

Since its inception with Windows 95, WordPad has been a staple component, but it has not received updates since Windows 8. Microsoft has stated that going forward, users should utilize Microsoft Word for rich-text documents and Notepad for plain text. The shift emphasizes Microsoft's focus on more advanced and feature-rich applications within its ecosystem.

WordPad's impending removal aligns with the release of a new iteration of Windows, potentially Windows 12. The new version is expected to be fortified with AI-integrated features. Furthermore, the overhaul of Notepad, adding functionalities like autosave and tab restoration, suggests that Microsoft is honing in on modernizing its core apps.

Factors behind the speculation regarding WordPad's removal include Microsoft's strategy to streamline Windows 11 and promote its cloud services. By reducing less utilized features like WordPad and advancing Office 365, Microsoft aims to enhance efficiency and cloud reliance. Office 365, as a cloud solution, represents a shift away from traditional desktop applications.

On a different note, the open-source Thorium browser is facing scrutiny over privacy issues. Despite the general perception that open-source software is secure, Thorium’s track record raises red flags. Researchers have found it to collect excessive user data and cite past vulnerabilities that compromised user privacy.

The Thorium example illustrates that open-source software is not exempt from security concerns. Users are prompted to be cautious, research thoroughly, and understand the privacy and security dimensions of the software they opt to use. This insight serves as a reminder of the complexities of software development, open-source or otherwise.


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People also ask

Is Windows 11 end of support 2024?

As of the knowledge cutoff in January 2023, Microsoft had not officially announced the end-of-support date for Windows 11. Typically, Microsoft provides operating system support for at least a decade after release. Users should check the official Microsoft Lifecycle Policy website for the most current information.

What's new in the new Windows 11 Update?

The latest Windows 11 update introduced several new features and enhancements, including an updated Start menu, improved Snap layouts, additional Widgets, and new touch gestures and accessibility features. It also brought performance improvements and a focus on enhanced gaming experiences through Auto HDR and DirectStorage technologies. Microsoft continues to release updates to meet user feedback and evolving technology standards.

Is there a compelling reason to upgrade to Windows 11?

Whether upgrading to Windows 11 is compelling largely depends on the user's needs and hardware compatibility. Windows 11 offers a redesigned and modernized user interface, improved support for virtual desktops, gaming enhancements, stronger security features, and better performance optimization for newer hardware. Users on Windows 10 will need to evaluate these improvements against their current experience and decide if the upgrade benefits are substantial for their use case.

What are the prerequisites for Windows 11 feature Update?

To install the Windows 11 feature update, the prerequisites include a compatible 64-bit processor with at least two cores, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, TPM version 2.0, UEFI firmware with Secure Boot capability, a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card, and a display with high definition (720p) resolution. Users must also have an active internet connection to complete the update process. These requirements ensure that the device can handle the new operating system's features.



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