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Copilot for Microsoft 365 SharePoint
Microsoft Copilot
Mar 24, 2024 11:30 PM

Copilot for Microsoft 365 SharePoint

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Anderson [MVP]

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Best Practice: Remove Everyone Except External Users

Key insights


  • Microsoft Copilot for SharePoint is an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows within Microsoft 365, specifically aiding in content management and collaboration tasks in SharePoint.
  • Copilot's capabilities include creating documents, generating summaries, suggesting context-based actions, and simplifying navigation and management of SharePoint sites using natural language understanding.
  • The practice of removing "Everyone Except External Users" permissions in SharePoint aims to protect sensitive information by limiting access, adhering to the least privilege principle and specific organizational security policies.
  • Managing SharePoint permissions effectively involves regular audits, educating users on secure sharing, and leveraging Microsoft 365's advanced security features to maintain a secure collaborative environment.
  • The decision to remove "Everyone Except External Users" permissions should be based on a thorough review of the SharePoint environment, considering both the organization's collaboration needs and its security policies.

Exploring Microsoft Copilot for SharePoint: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity

Microsoft Copilot for SharePoint represents a significant leap forward in how organizations handle their content management and collaboration efforts. By integrating AI technologies into the familiar environment of SharePoint, Microsoft aims to make everyday tasks more efficient and intuitive for users regardless of their technical know-how. The introduction of Copilot allows users to interact with SharePoint in a more natural manner, utilizing voice commands and natural language queries to manage their documents, summaries, and site navigation.

Understanding and applying correct permissions within SharePoint is crucial for maintaining security and protecting sensitive company information. The feature to remove "Everyone Except External Users" permissions serves as a critical step in ensuring that access is granted only to those who need it, following the widely adopted least privilege security principle. This practice is not only about securing data but also aligns with broader efforts to educate users on the importance of confidentiality and secure data sharing in today's increasingly collaborative work environments.

Moreover, Microsoft's ongoing developments and improvements to Copilot and the broader Microsoft 365 suite signify a commitment to pushing the boundaries of productivity software. For organizations looking to streamline their operations and harness the power of AI in their daily tasks, Copilot for SharePoint offers a glimpse into the future of workplace collaboration and document management. As Microsoft continues to roll out new features and capabilities, businesses and individual users alike stand to benefit greatly from these advanced technical solutions.



Copilot for Microsoft 365 SharePoint is a key part of a wider initiative by Microsoft to embed AI assistants across its suite, enhancing productivity and simplifying workflows. In SharePoint, it helps users manage content and tasks more efficiently. This AI-driven assistant facilitates document creation, content summarization, action suggestions, and easier site navigation and management.

The tool is grounded on AI's ability to comprehend natural language, making it less daunting for users to utilize SharePoint's complex features. Despite its advanced abilities, detailed features of Copilot for SharePoint are still under development as Microsoft continues its rollout. This progression signifies Microsoft's commitment to innovation and user-friendly design.

Regarding the "Everyone Except External Users" permissions in SharePoint, this concerns broader security and management beyond just the Copilot's functionality. Managing such permissions ensures sensitive information is safeguarded against unauthorized access. It's a strategy to limit access precisely and is aligned with the principle of least privilege, crucial for minimizing security risks.

The decision to remove "Everyone Except External Users" hinges on an organization's specific security guidelines and collaboration requirements. Best practices in SharePoint permissions management endorse offering users minimal necessary permissions. This cautious approach is vital in curtailing potential security vulnerabilities.

To maintain a secure SharePoint environment, conducting regular permissions audits, educating users on secure sharing practices, and leveraging SharePoint alongside Microsoft 365’s security capabilities are recommended. These steps are essential for ensuring both robust security and optimal collaboration within organizations.

Exploring the Evolution and Impact of AI in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365's AI-driven tools like Copilot are revolutionizing how we interact with digital workplaces, particularly through SharePoint. By integrating AI assistants capable of comprehending and executing natural language commands, Microsoft is making strides toward making complex tasks simpler and more accessible to all users. This not only enhances productivity but also empowers users with varied technical expertise to efficiently navigate and manage their tasks.

As these AI features evolve, they offer a glimpse into the future of workplace collaboration, where technology bridges the gap between complex functionalities and user-friendliness. This evolution resonates with Microsoft's broader vision of creating a more intuitive user experience across its suite of applications. By implementing AI assistants, Microsoft aims to foster an environment where every user, regardless of their technical background, can achieve productivity with ease.

Specially in SharePoint, the role of AI is not just about facilitating content management or enhancing security through better permission management practices. It's also about redefining the user experienceβ€”making it more cooperative and seamless. As AI continues to grow smarter and more integrated into Microsoft 365, we can anticipate a digital workplace where productivity tools are not only powerful but also inherently intuitive.

This push towards integrating AI across Microsoft 365, with SharePoint as a prime example, signifies a shift towards a future where the boundaries between human intuition and artificial intelligence become increasingly blurred. In this future, AI does not just support users but works alongside them, crafting a collaborative space that is both secure and effortlessly navigable.

While the specifics of Copilot for SharePoint are still unfolding, the underlying philosophy remains clear: leveraging AI to enhance user experience and streamline workflows. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft continues to evolve its offerings, ensuring that AI becomes a core facilitator of both productivity and security within the digital workplace.




People also ask

How to remove everyone except external users from all SharePoint sites?

To remove the "Everyone except external users" from a SharePoint Online site, proper administrative actions need to be undertaken to modify permissions accordingly.

What is the difference between everyone and everyone except external users in SharePoint online?

The "Everyone except external users" group is designed to include all internal users within an organization, enabling access to SharePoint sites without including external users. This is particularly useful for internal sites such as Intranet portals, where the focus is on making content accessible to internal employees rather than external parties.

Can I give SharePoint access to external users?

Enabling SharePoint access to external users involves adjusting settings at both the organization level and individual site level, also known as the "site collection" level. Initially, external sharing must be permitted organization-wide, followed by the ability to limit or restrict access for specific sites as needed.

Can external users upload to SharePoint?

External users can be granted varying levels of access to a site, from viewing and participating in discussions under the [site name] visitors group to uploading documents and fully engaging with the site's content as members of the [site name] members group.



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