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Latest Microsoft Entra ID Protection Updates 2024
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Microsoft Entra
May 10, 2024 3:38 AM

Latest Microsoft Entra ID Protection Updates 2024

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Elevate Your Orgs Security with Microsoft Entra IDs Latest Updates & Protections.

Key insights

  • Deployment of Microsoft Entra ID Protection simplified with Microsoft-managed policies and an impact analysis workbook to boost organization security.
  • Enhanced investigation and remediation capabilities for compromised users with Copilot support and extended self-remediation for hybrid users.
  • Introduction of new detections in Entra ID to identify and block token theft and suspicious activities, improving threat prevention.
  • The new dashboard in Entra ID Protection is now generally available, providing at-a-glance insights into your organization's security posture.
  • Admin feedback on detections now trains the ML model in Entra ID, optimizing future detections and reducing false positives.

Microsoft Entra ID Protection

Microsoft Entra ID Protection plays a critical role in enhancing an organization's security stance by providing comprehensive tools to prevent, detect, and remediate identity-related threats. Offering a range of functionalities from simplified deployment of security policies to advanced machine learning (ML)-based threat detection mechanisms, 

By making it simpler to implement risk rules, comprehend their effects, and defend your company against new threats, the most recent advancements in Entra ID Protection assist you in lowering the likelihood of these attacks.

The highlights are as follows:


  1. With Microsoft-managed policies in your environment and an impact analysis spreadsheet, deploying Entra ID Protection has never been simpler.
  2. With Copilot's assistance and the extension of self-remediation to hybrid users, you can now analyze and remediate compromised users more quickly.
  3. Additionally, you may discover and stop token theft and suspicious behaviors made by an attacker within Entra ID with additional detections, and you can help the Machine Learning (ML) algorithm get even better by giving feedback.

New developments in Microsoft Entra ID Protection highlight the introduction of measures that improve the security against identity threats. The Microsoft Digital Defense Report reveals 11 token replay detections per 100,000 active users in Microsoft Entra ID each month and around 18,000 multifactor authentication fatigue attempts. These stats underline the importance of robust ID protection.

The enhancements in Microsoft Entra ID Protection simplify the deployment of risk policies, enable better understanding of their impact, and offer protection against emerging threats. Key developments include easier implementation with Microsoft-managed policies, faster investigation, and remediation of compromised users, and improved machine learning algorithms.

  • Deploying Microsoft Entra ID Protection is now simpler with Microsoft-managed policies in your environment and an impact analysis workbook.
  • Investigate and remediate compromised users more swiftly with help from Copilot and the extension of self-remediation to hybrid users.
  • Fine-tune Machine Learning algorithms by providing feedback, identify and block token theft, and suspicious actions with new detections.

These enhancements improve the security posture of organizations by offering advanced insights and recommendations on tenant security. The new dashboard, now in general availability, provides risk insights at a glance, enabling a better understanding of security posture through key metrics, graphics, and recommended actions.

The introduction of on-premises password reset for Entra P1 and P2 customers, User Risk Investigation Copilot in public preview, and new detections for anomalous token usage demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to enhancing ID protection. Through real-time and offline detections, organizations can now identify and protect against emerging threats more effectively.

Admin feedback on detections helps train machine learning models, optimizing future detections and contributing to a system that continuously learns and improves. These updates to Microsoft Entra ID Protection empower organizations to better manage identity risks and protect against identity-based attacks.


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Microsoft Entra - Latest Microsoft Entra ID Protection Updates 2024


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Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

"What is new Entra ID protection?"

As of March 31st, 2024, Microsoft Entra ID Identity Protection will begin the process of automatically aging out and dismissing all detections and users categorized as "low" risk that have been present for over six months. This improvement is designed to help customers concentrate on more pressing risk areas and foster a more streamlined environment for investigation.

"Is Azure AD becoming Microsoft Entra ID?"

Yes, Azure AD has been rebranded to Microsoft Entra ID, signifying a name change from the previously known Azure Active Directory, Azure AD, and AAD. Microsoft Entra encompasses a suite of identity and network access solutions, with Microsoft Entra ID standing as a key component of this broader product family.

"What is the new name for Azure Identity Protection?"

On July 11, 2023, in an effort to align more closely with the cohesive branding of other Microsoft cloud services, Azure Identity Protection was renamed Microsoft Entra ID. This update officially took place on July 15, 2023.

"What is the new name for Microsoft Defender for identity?"

Microsoft Defender for Identity, formerly known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection or Azure ATP, is a comprehensive security service from Microsoft. This solution gathers intelligence from both on-premise Windows Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) in the cloud to safeguard user identities.



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