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Event Visualization using Microsoft Power Platform
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Power Platform
Oct 4, 2023 10:00 PM

Event Visualization using Microsoft Power Platform

by HubSite 365 about Timo Pertilä (Forward Forever) [MVP]

Power Platform Consultant, Microsoft Business Applications MVP

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Explore diverse problem-solving with Power Platform, event visualization in Dataverse, and modeling apps to optimize Microsoft use.

Blog Post Summary: Power Platform and Event Visualization by Timo Pertilä (Forward Forever)

The Microsoft Power Platform can effectively visualize events happening within different units and fields. When stored in Dataverse, data can present multiple visualization avenues. The author, Timo Pertilä, provides several examples of the versatile uses of the platform's tools to best fit user needs.

  • Model-Driven App and Calendar view: By applying the standard features of a model-driven app using the calendar control functionality, the user can present events that have a start and end time. The app also offers calendar views such as day, week, and month.
  • PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) Components: The user has the option to use self-created components within Power Apps, providing a customizable experience.
  • Power BI Report embedded in Power Apps: This approach allows for the visualisation of events in the style of a Gantt chart, with the option to filter tasks.
  • Power Apps Visualisation for Power BI: This method allows the user to create and edit events within the report itself.
  • Canvas Power Apps: This tool allows for the creation of a single Canvas Power App that offers a higher level of customizability in terms of appearance and functionality.

The best method of visualization depends on the user's requirements for features, performance, and UI. Familiarity with certain Power Platform tools may also influence the selection.



A Broader Look at the Microsoft Power Platform's Versatility

Microsoft Power Platform's main strengths lie in its flexibility and versatility. This blog post by Timo Pertilä is an excellent example of how different tools within the Power Platform can be utilized for the same purpose - event visualization, each having its unique benefits and suitability based on specific use-cases.

From model-driven apps to Power Apps Component Framework components, Power BI reports embedded in apps, Power Apps visualization for Power BI, and Canvas Power Apps; each tool offers a different way to attack a problem. And it's not about finding the best tool, but rather picking one that fits the specific need of the business scenario you're facing.

This adaptability allows developers and organizations to leverage the diverse functionality offered by the Power Platform to create tailored solutions that optimize their workflow and improve their data management and visualization capabilities.


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Learn about Power Platform and event visualization


Microsoft's Power Platform offers robust tools and multiple approaches to visualize and implement data. Here, we delve into a particular use-case involving units located in various areas, subject to various events, with data stored in Dataverse. The problem is to present the user with visualizations of what events are happening where and when.


A solution proposed in this blog post is the use of a model-driven app in Power Platform and the calendar control. This approach enables the presentation of events with a start and end time and a title in a calendar view. To achieve this, a calendar view is added to the event table in the classic view.

  • With newer tools, subgrids to the form can present the information in the calendar view.
  • Calendar components can be added to these subgrids to define field usage (e.g., start time, title, etc.)
  • It results in the clear visualization of the unit's events on its form, with available day, week, and month views.

The advantage of this solution is that it is flexible enough to display all events at once and allows for filters or user-created views for different areas.


To learn more about the Power Platform and its capabilities, Microsoft offers a variety of training courses, such as 'Introduction to Power Platform' and 'Creating Canvas Apps in Power Platform.' Further, Microsoft's official documentation can be a valuable resource to delve deeper into specific topics like model-driven apps and the calendar control.


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