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Compare Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms: Key Differences
Viva Pulse
Nov 14, 2023 10:42 AM

Compare Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms: Key Differences

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Christian [MVP]

Lead Infrastructure Engineer / Vice President | Microsoft MCT & MVP | Speaker & Blogger

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Uncover the differences and strengths of Viva Pulse & Microsoft Forms for enhanced team management and data collection.

Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms are two powerful tools with distinct offerings within the Microsoft ecosystem. In a detailed comparison video, Daniel Christian [MVP] walks viewers through both applications, highlighting their differences and similarities. Below, I've summarized the key points from the YouTube video.


Viva Pulse, part of the Microsoft Viva suite, serves as a lightweight feedback tool. It's used mainly by managers to gain insights on team performance through surveys. Here are a few highlights of Viva Pulse:

  • Enables quick feedback collection and action from teams through surveys in Microsoft Teams and on the web.
  • Employs research-backed survey templates to ensure effective and relevant queries.
  • Provides a confidential means of obtaining regular feedback, encouraging honest responses.

Its smart templates and focus on providing actionable insights make Viva Pulse a key resource for managers. Furthermore, its integration with Microsoft Teams streamulates the feedback process within daily workflows.

On the other hand, Microsoft Forms is a versatile tool within the Microsoft 365 suite used for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. Its usability extends across multiple user levels. Points to note regarding Microsoft Forms include:

  • Facilitates easy creation of custom surveys, quizzes, and polls, with a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers real-time data analysis for instant insights into responses collected.
  • Integrates with Microsoft 365 allowing seamless data export, especially to Excel for further analysis.

Forms also boasts extensive customization, sharing, and collaboration features, making it an excellent choice for team projects. In addition to these, automated grading in quizzes and adherence to Microsoft's security and compliance standards are notable benefits.

To sum it up, while Viva Pulse is a strategic feedback tool designed to improve team management, Microsoft Forms caters to a broad range of data collection needs with its real-time analysis and user-friendliness. Each application serves a unique purpose within the Microsoft suite, providing essential services to their respective audiences.

Exploring Microsoft Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms

Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms represent two facets of Microsoft's suite of productivity tools. Whether it's for on-the-fly team feedback or creating engaging surveys and quizzes, each platform brings distinct advantages to the table. Viva Pulse's seamless team insights and integrated feedback mechanisms make it a managerial favorite. Microsoft Forms stands out for its broader application scope, where real-time analytics and customization pave the way for dynamic data collection and reporting. These tools not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to a more informed and responsive workspace.

Viva Pulse - Compare Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms: Key Differences

Learn about Viva Pulse Vs. Microsoft Forms: Differences And Similarities


A General Overview of Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms

Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms are two outstanding tools that form part of the software giant, Microsoft's suite of applications. Both serve crucial roles in data gathering, analysis, and feedback.

In this brief overview, we delve deeper into the similarities and differences between Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms, shedding light on the distinct features of each platform and how they complement each other in a typical business setting.

Viva Pulse, a component of Microsoft's Viva suite, is a lightweight solution designed to collect valuable feedback and offer real-time insights concerning team performance. On the other hand, Microsoft Forms is an online application, also part of Microsoft 365, designed to create and analyze surveys, quizzes, and polls efficiently.

Viva Pulse simplifies feedback collection and action, utilizes research-backed tools for effective feedback gathering, allows for confidential and regular feedback, applies smart templates and analysis, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Enabling a seamless workflow accommodates the feedback mechanism into daily tasks making it less intrusive and more effective.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Forms makes creating quizzes, surveys, and polls a breeze. It offers real-time data analysis, effortlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, allows elaborate form customization, promotes sharing and collaboration, supports automated grading for quizzes, and upholds high-security standards complying with Microsoft's privacy and protection protocols.

Both Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms offer their unique strengths and variations, yet share many similarities. Their integration with other Microsoft applications is a significant common ground, as is their primary focus on collection and analysis of data for productivity improvements in a business environment.

It's evident that these tools can play vital roles in different business settings. Viva Pulse is highly beneficial for managers and team leaders who seek real-time insights on their teams' performances. At the same time, Microsoft Forms serves an essential function in gathering and analyzing various data types through its user-friendly interface, further enhancing business processes.

In conclusion, both Viva Pulse and Microsoft Forms serve crucial roles in modern business operations for enhancing team productivity, but each has its exclusive strengths and applications, to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.


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