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Enhance Document Editing With Grid View Library
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SharePoint Online
Jan 24, 2024 2:30 AM

Enhance Document Editing With Grid View Library

by HubSite 365 about Temmy Wahyu Raharjo

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Maximize SharePoint Efficiency: Unlock Command Bar Edit in Grid View Button with Our Expert Sample!

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The "**Edit in grid view**" button, which is typically located in the document library's command bar, started to become hidden since last week. A workaround involving a sample can help display the **Edit in grid view** button in the command bar for those who regularly use this feature.

Users who often update file property values via grid view and prefer accessing this functionality directly from the command bar should consider implementing the provided sample for a smoother experience.

  • Visibility Issues: The "Edit in grid view" button has been disappearing, causing inconvenience.
  • Location: This button is normally accessible on the document library's command bar.
  • Workaround Sample: A sample is available to ensure the button displays in the command bar.
  • User Convenience: This fix benefits users who edit file properties in grid view often.
  • Direct Access: Users wanting to edit in grid view directly from the command bar will find this sample useful.

SharePoint Online - Enhance Document Editing With Grid View Library


People also ask

Where is edit in grid view?

Edit in grid view is a feature that allows SharePoint Online users to quickly edit multiple list items directly from the list view. It can be accessed by going to the list where you want to make changes, and then clicking on the "Edit in grid view" option which is usually found in the command bar above the list. If your list is customized or has certain types of columns, you might not see this option.

What is the difference between quick edit and edit in grid view?

The difference between quick edit and edit in grid view essentially comes down to branding and the introduction of incremental improvements. Previously known as "Quick Edit," the "Edit in grid view" function in Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online offers a similar experience, allowing users to edit multiple list items within a grid, similar to a spreadsheet. Over time, Microsoft updates the feature set, so "Edit in grid view" may include updated functions or a better user experience than the older "Quick Edit" option.

How do I edit a document library in SharePoint?

To edit a document library in SharePoint, navigate to the library you want to modify. Once there, you can easily edit the properties of the files within the library by selecting a document and choosing "Edit" from the document's context menu or the ribbon. If you need to make changes to the structure or settings of the library itself, such as adding or configuring columns or views, you can do so by clicking on "Library settings" in the ribbon or via the settings (gear) icon to access library settings and advanced features.

How do I turn off Edit in grid view in SharePoint?

To turn off the "Edit in grid view" feature in a SharePoint list, you'll need appropriate permissions, such as being a site owner or administrator. You can turn this feature off by going to the list settings and then to the advanced settings of the list. From there, look for the "Quick property editing" or a similarly labeled option and set it to "No." By doing this, users will not see the option to use "Edit in grid view" on that specific list.



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