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NEW Teams app from Microsoft is now accessible on Windows and Mac
Oct 6, 2023 10:00 AM

NEW Teams app from Microsoft is now accessible on Windows and Mac

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Explore the general availability of new Microsoft Teams on Windows and Mac, promising faster, simpler, and enhanced collaboration.

Today's exciting news from Microsoft is the general availability of the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac. This also extends to education customers, with the rollout for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and government cloud customers beginning in the public preview. Reimagined from the ground up, the new Teams app aims to deliver a faster, simpler, smarter, and more flexible experience to improve productivity and collaboration.

Since the launch of the new Teams in public preview, significant progress has been made. It now features full parity for most features including custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, and more. The app focuses on reliability, security, and enhanced IT management to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

With general availability, new Teams will carry exclusive features and enhancements. This includes support for Multi-tenant organizations (MTO) and multi-tenant, multi-account (MTMA), which improve cross-tenant communication and collaboration. Upgrading to new Teams is smooth and requires no migration. The upgrade to new Teams will be automatic for classic Teams users in the upcoming months.

Microsoft built the Teams app on React framework, leveraging Edge WebView2 to optimize speed and performance. The improvements have resulted in a more efficient and reliable Teams app. The reported benefits include faster app loading, joining meetings and switching chats and channels, with memory and disk space consumption reduced by up to 50%.

Significant performance enhancements have also been seen with Teams on Mac. These include the ability to switch between chats and channels faster, improved scrolling experience, and optimized use of resources during high-resolution calls or meetings. Certain security enhancements include a containerized app model, simplified app updates through Microsoft AutoUpdate, and web security enhancements.

New Teams provides a simplified and streamlined user experience, allowing you to efficiently keep track of messages and notifications. There have also been improvements in personalized experiences and color sensitivity support. With new Teams, the app will automatically switch between light or dark mode based on your system settings.

Improvements have been made for those who use keyboard shortcuts or screen readers, enhancing inclusivity. Screen reader users can now avoid repeated information, interpret common tasks more easily, and effectively arrange channel conversations. Keyboard shortcuts on new Teams have also been optimized offering improved navigation between list items such as activity feed and chat threads.

The new MTO capability in new Teams results in a more seamless experience when collaborating within an MTO group and accessing resources in other tenants. User search results also see an improvement, connecting and collaborating users across multiple tenants more effectively. New Teams also offers a cross-cloud authenticated meeting feature, allowing you to join a meeting hosted in any Microsoft cloud without having to sign out of your account.

New Teams is used as a foundation for next-generation AI experiences, such as Microsoft Copilot. Copilot works beside you to help stay on top of your tasks and improve productivity. It can get you up to speed on conversations, run more effective meetings and bring everything together in one place, even information buried in documents, emails, and calendar invites.

With the release of new Teams, Microsoft aims to bring new capabilities to market faster. Future features, enhancements, and capabilities will only be available in new Teams. The upgrade to new Teams is easy and carries over your chat messages, Teams and channels, and apps from classic Teams.

New Microsoft Teams

In a broader context, the new Microsoft Teams reflects the software giant's dedication to improving productivity and collaboration in various organizational settings. From support for multi-tenant organizations to seamless integration of AI experiences with Microsoft Copilot, the new Teams app ensures professional communication and collaboration are more efficient and streamlined than ever before. It further showcases Microsoft’s commitment to providing versatile solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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Microsoft Teams on Windows and Mac

The new Microsoft Teams app is now fully functional with almost all the features onboard. It includes custom apps for line-of-business, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7x7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search and cross-channel conversation. Microsoft understands the evolving requirements of today's organizations and has tuned up the app to provide high-quality performance focused on reliability, security and IT management.

The introduction of new Teams provides unique features and enhancements, now available exclusively on new Teams. The benefits include support for Multi-tenant organizations (MTO) and multi-tenant, multi-account (MTMA) functions. This advancement will undoubtedly enable more effective cross-tenant communication and collaboration beyond organizational boundaries, spanning several tenants and accounts.


Transition to the new Teams app is made to be quick and hassle-free. No migrations are required. Classic Teams users will be automatically upgraded to the new Teams app in the coming months. To start enjoying the benefits of new Teams, users simply need to flip the toggle in the upper-left corner of the classic Teams app. With just a click, users can join millions relying on the new Teams app to connect and accomplish more together. For an elaborate explanation on the importance and need to upgrade to new Teams, refer to the report from GigaOm, an independent analyst firm.



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