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Improve Car Digital Experience Using Azure Cognitive Services
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Sep 13, 2022 6:00 AM

Improve Car Digital Experience Using Azure Cognitive Services

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Maximize car digital experience via Azure Cognitive Services AI voice experiences - enhancing infotainment systems globally!

Microsoft is reimagining the automotive industry with subversively new approaches to in-vehicle infotainment systems. An outstanding example of this is Azure's latest affiliation with XPeng to unlock AI voice experiences for automotive entities and their customer base. This solution pioneers a unique approach to text-to-speech, expressive voice, international languages, speaker fidelity, and user-friendly customization.

Acknowledged by XPeng automotive AI product senior expert, Hao Chao, as a leading-edge exploration for vehicle voice interaction, the implementation of this AI technology has unlocked various opportunities to increase driver-machine intuition. By leveraging Microsoft's neural text-to-speech technology, XPeng has vastly improved in-car user experiences. Multiple emotional styles and a fluent, natural voice provide a refreshing alternative to the typical monotonous car assistant voice, creating a very enjoyable listening experience and reducing listener fatigue.

Azure AI Speech Product Lead, Binggong Ding nevertheless acknowledges the technical challenges involved in creating a model that can suit all auto brands. Bearing this in mind, efforts are being made to ensure that synthetic speech usage is optimized without sacrificing sound quality. Also, XPeng is enthusiastically meeting the challenge of providing a voice assistant that meets customer expectations.

The Future of Azure Cognitive Services in the Auto Industry

Microsoft's ambitious goal is to set the standard for advanced multi-emotional, global voice capacities for global car brands and consumers. The technology that XPeng has adopted comes with sound regulatory backing and an impressive set of features. Ranging from an expansive range of voice styles and unique emotional intensity control to impressive deduction abilities, it ticks all legal boxes. Additionally, it meets domestic policies, regulatory data center requirements, and EU GDPR, boasting high levels of data privacy-policy holder requirements.

The company, through its Azure Cognitive Services, is innovating alongside auto manufacturers to introduce new driving experiences. Advancements allow drivers to have a more delightful driving experience. Specifically, the Azure Cognitive Services for speech now allows diversification with customization. This offers automakers the capability to develop a realistic branded voice for a more natural conversational interface.

Advanced technology like neural text-to-speech conversions and multi-lingual multi-speaker universal models, allows users to interact with applications in a naturally conversational style. Also, these features foster transparent human-computer interaction. Furthermore, Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI introduces Transparency Notes, communicating the purpose, capabilities, and limitations of their AI system.

In conclusion, Microsoft's technology breakthroughs in AI and other areas continue to highlight their commitment to reshaping the automotive industry. Possessing pivotal features, Azure Cognitive Services is paving the way for future innovations in in-vehicle infotainment systems. It brings unprecedented opportunities for automotive brands to deliver more personalized and immersive experiences for their customers. For more information on Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services, kindly check here.

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 - Improve Car Digital Experience Using Azure Cognitive Services

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Topic: Enhancing In-Car Digital Experience with Azure Cognitive Services

Recognizing the ever-increasing role technology plays in our daily driving experience, Microsoft has delved into reorienting the automotive industry to offer better in-car infotainment systems. This revolution comes in the form of a unique partnership between Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing service, and XPeng, an emerging leader in the global electric vehicle market.

Collaboration with XPeng: A New Chapter in Automotive AI

Azure's collaboration with XPeng has made significant strides in AI voice experiences for both automotive brands and their customers. The solution hinges upon advanced text-to-speech and voice technology, offering improved speaker fidelity, emotional style variations, and customization options. Hao Chao, a Senior Expert at XPeng, calls this innovation "a cutting-edge exploration of vehicle voice interaction."

Improved In-Car User Experience

  • Azure services, such as neural text-to-speech technology, equip XPeng vehicles with a nuanced and delightful listening experience, which helps combat listening fatigue. Unlike the monotonous sound of many other car assistants, Azure's technology includes multi-emotional voices that are refreshingly lifelike and resemble human voices.

Speech-to-Text & Text-to-Speech: Accelerating Innovation

The evolution of voice as an interface in ambient computing technology has seen significant improvement due to advances in research and technology. Businesses and brands can leverage this progress to enrich their in-car speech experience. Both speech-to-text and text-to-speech offer a more enjoyable driving experience. This innovation allows for increased hands-free control of the car infotainment system.

Global Language Support

Microsoft's services are not restricted to a handful of languages. They span across a myriad of languages and variants, making it more accessible and conforming to their vision of empowering individuals and organizations worldwide. For instance, Microsoft recently hit a significant milestone by supporting 119 languages and variants with 278 voices out-of-the-box.

Differentiation through Customization

Through Azure, Microsoft enables automakers to develop a customized, lifelike branded voice. This distinct voice, powered by the 'custom neural voice' capability, adds further richness to the speaking style, creating a more natural conversational interface.

Regulatory Compliance and Responsible AI

Microsoft recognizes the importance of adhering to the regulatory standards and requirements of the automotive industry. With a commitment to developing AI technology responsibly, Azure Cognitive Services are certified by several esteemed institutions. Moreover, Microsoft secures its technology against misuse by fostering transparent human-computer interaction and counteracting harmful content dissemination.


Bringing together Microsoft's capabilities in cloud computing and AI with the innovative tendencies of leading automakers such as XPeng, we are steering towards a future where our vehicles are not just a mode of transport but a holistic digital experience.

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