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7 PowerPoint Slideshow features you should know
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Dec 27, 2022 1:30 PM

7 PowerPoint Slideshow features you should know

by HubSite 365 about Presentation Process YouTube

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Discover 7 Tips to Deliver your Slides like a Pro in the PowerPoint Slideshow mode.

In this Video

00:00 Tip 1 - Set Up & Use Subtitles

03:10 Tip 2- The B Pattern Interrupt

04:37 Tip 3 & 4 - The Whiteboard Trick

07:10 Tip 5 - The Useful Pointer

08:26 Tip 6 - Highlight for Emphasis

09:32 Tip 7 - Zoom in to Pictures

7 PowerPoint tips and tricks in under a minute

This PowerPoint tutorial shows a bunch of useful PowerPoint shortcut tips to save you time.

Some other Basic Tips

Here are some tips for creating effective PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Keep it simple: Don't overload your slides with too much text or complex graphics. Use bullet points and short phrases to highlight the main points of your presentation.
  2. Use consistent formatting: Use the same font, size, and color scheme throughout your presentation to create a cohesive look.
  3. Use high-quality images: Use high-resolution images to ensure that your presentation looks sharp and professional.
  4. Use transitions and animations sparingly: While transitions and animations can add interest to your presentation, overusing them can be distracting. Use them sparingly and only to highlight important points.
  5. Practice: Practice your presentation beforehand to ensure that you are comfortable with the material and delivery.
  6. Use the "Notes" section: The "Notes" section in PowerPoint is a great place to write out the full details of what you want to say for each slide. This can help you stay on track during the presentation and ensure that you don't leave out any important information.
  7. Use the "Outline" view: The "Outline" view in PowerPoint allows you to see the structure of your presentation and make any necessary edits. This is especially useful for organizing and rearranging the content of your presentation.
  8. Use the "Slide Sorter" view: The "Slide Sorter" view in PowerPoint allows you to see all of your slides at once and rearrange them if necessary. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your presentation flows smoothly.