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Microsoft Search: Boost Your Knowledge & Expertise Connection
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Microsoft Search
Sep 11, 2023 5:49 PM

Microsoft Search: Boost Your Knowledge & Expertise Connection

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Unlock your organizations full potential with Microsoft Search - Consolidate vital data, enhance relevancy and amplify collaboration.

Microsoft's blog post introduces enhanced ways of accessing knowledge and expertise connections through Microsoft Search. This feature consolidates information from across the organization by eliminating past information silos. Mainly backed by Microsoft Graph, it provides users with close proximity access to files, people and items revolving around their work. This personalized and contextually relevant search service feels as if the results are finding the users themselves. This feature's efficiency is further enhanced with the recent "Semantic Index for Copilot" announcement.

Another highlight is the Search's compatibility with Microsoft Teams or Outlook from SharePoint site, mobile or desktop browser, or via Bing. This makes it easier for users to have a unified access to information. It connects natively to Microsoft 365 and other additional sources via Graph Connectors. This connection allows the system to move beyond the isolated data silos by allowing easy discovery of all important content.

  • Microsoft Search works with Microsoft Viva and Syntex to enhance an employee's experience and power content intelligence
  • The tool lets users quickly find answers to questions through definitions, Q&A, and bookmarks
  • The bookmark feature allows users to discover important resources such as HR policies
  • Assimilates 3rd party content with core Microsoft 365-based content
  • It primarily makes use of Semantic Index for Copilot to create an intricate map of the data in the organization for personalized and relevant answers
  • It puts much of its focus on user activities for suggestions based on recent files, commands, and collaborators

The blog notes that Microsoft was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines and invites the audience to involve in the Search conversation on their Tech community, share their feedback and follow updates from their official Twitter handle.


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Learn about Microsoft Search: Enhance Knowledge and Expertise Connection

In this article, the focus is on Microsoft Search, a powerful tool enabling intra-organizational search that moves beyond traditional information silos. This system tailors search results using Microsoft Graph, providing more personalised and context-specific results and giving the impression that "the results find you." Furthermore, the recently announced "Semantic Index for Copilot" promises to deliver even more relevant results to users.

  • The versatility of Microsoft Search is highlighted as it can be used across various platforms: Microsoft Teams or Outlook, from a SharePoint site, through a browser on a mobile or desktop, and even via Bing.
  • Connection features of Microsoft Search are identified as one of its core strengths. The software links natively to Microsoft 365 and beyond, using Graph Connectors to additional sources.
  • This article also touches on the synergy between Microsoft Search, Microsoft Viva, and Syntex in enhancing employee experiences and enabling rich content intelligence.
  • The core functionality of Microsoft Search as an indexer of content and signals across Microsoft 365 apps is prominently discussed, emphasizing its value in various business scenarios and proving its worth for potential partnerships.

The author then elaborates on three usage scenarios for Microsoft Search:

  • Swiftly getting answers to questions through means such as acronym definitions, Q&A, and bookmarks.
  • The bookmarks ensure that everyone discovers important resources like HR policies swiftly.
  • Liaising closely with Viva Topics to organize people and content effectively, enhancing the discoverability and usability of these assets.

To fully appreciate the capabilities of Microsoft Search, the article encourages users to view demo videos provided, which enriches understanding of the system's functioning. The article provides insights into how Microsoft Search is revolutionizing company-wide knowledge and expertise connection, underlining its suitability as a comprehensive solution for organizations.

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