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Step-by-Step Guide: Deleting a SharePoint List Effectively
SharePoint Online
Sep 29, 2023 10:30 AM

Step-by-Step Guide: Deleting a SharePoint List Effectively

by HubSite 365 about Nate Chamberlain [MVP]

Microsoft 365 Adoption, Content, & Training Expert

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Master SharePoint list management with our insightful guide on how to delete and restore lists. Become a Microsoft SharePoint expert today!

The video, authored by Nate Chamberlain [MVP], revolves around a guide to deleting or restoring a list in SharePoint Online. The author clarifies that by default, only site owners or members can perform this action. Although list permissions can be modified, limitations may still occur for members. In case of any issues during these steps, Nate recommends contacting your site owner. He emphasizes on the important precautions one should take while executing these actions.

  • Video discusses how to delete and restore a list in SharePoint Online.
  • Note that only site owners or members can delete a list by default.
  • List permissions can be altered, potentially allowing members to undertake this action or restrict them.
  • If difficulties are encountered when following these steps, reach out to your site owner.

Key Takeaway on SharePoint List Deletion and Restoration

This tutorial sheds light on managing SharePoint online by highlighting the procedure to delete and restore lists - a crucial task initiated by site owners or members. The video exemplifies the significance of understanding user permissions, as it impacts functionality. Amid potential changes in list permissions, it insists on the need to consult the site's owner in case of trouble during the process. Hence, this guides SharePoint Online users through managing lists effectively, reflecting the vital factors to keep in consideration while doing so. The author's expertise and straightforward instructions are evident throughout the tutorial, making it an essential learning tool for SharePoint users.

Learn about How to delete a SharePoint list

In this YouTube video, the author explains how to delete and restore a list in SharePoint online. A detailed walkthrough is provided, explaining the steps involved to accomplish the task. It's added that you must be a site owner or a member to enable the delete function by default, but list permissions can be adjusted as per needs.

This information might be an issue for some users, hence, if faced with challenges when following these steps, it is recommended to consult with the site's owner. The author further invites the audience to subscribe to their channel for related informative content. Moreover, if viewers find the content helpful, options are provided to donate support via Paypal so that more beneficial videos can be created in the future.

For more professional or personal inquiries, the author shares their LinkedIn Profile and website. That way, the audience has the opportunity to learn more about their expertise and work. Furthermore, the author also provides a link to a blog post expanding on the video's topic.

To gain deeper knowledge on SharePoint Online and its features, seeking training courses related to Microsoft SharePoint can be beneficial. Microsoft offers various learning paths and modules on SharePoint via the Microsoft Learn platform.


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