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Maximize M365 Security for Free with Top Benchmarks!
Jan 19, 2024 7:00 AM

Maximize M365 Security for Free with Top Benchmarks!

by HubSite 365 about Peter Rising [MVP]

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Maximize M365 security with free CIS Benchmarks—your guide to safer configurations and reduced breach risks!

Key insights


Enhance Microsoft 365 Security for Free: The CIS Benchmarks provide community-driven security configuration guidelines for Microsoft 365, helping to strengthen the protection of your environment.

Accessible Security Guidelines: These benchmarks can be downloaded at no cost, offering organizations the opportunity to secure their Microsoft 365 setup by following expert-recommended practices.

Comprehensive Security Coverage: The CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 encompass a wide scope including account and authentication protocols, data management, app permissions, storage solutions, and endpoint protection.

  • Foundational and Advanced Levels: Catering to both new and mature security infrastructures, the benchmarks offer foundations for initial implementation and advanced controls for enhanced security programs.
  • Key Benefits: Implementing CIS Benchmarks leads to improved security, reduced data breach risk, and helps meet compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • Practical Application: Available in formats like PDF, YAML, and JSON, these benchmarks provide a framework for assessing security, identifying vulnerabilities, and ensuring proper safeguarding measures are in place.

CIS provides Hardened Azure Images pre-configured to align with their Microsoft 365 benchmarks, simplifying secure deployments in Microsoft Azure.

Conclusion: Utilizing the CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 is vital for any organization aiming to enhance their Microsoft 365 security, minimize data breach risks, and reinforce compliance.

Microsoft 365 Security

Security in the digital landscape is critical, and Microsoft 365 is at the forefront of business collaboration and productivity. Ensuring its security not only guards against potential breaches and cyber threats but also preserves the integrity of business operations. Microsoft 365 encompasses a range of applications and services that require careful security consideration, from emails in Outlook to documents in SharePoint and communication through Teams. The CIS Benchmarks serve as a strategic defense framework that guides organizations in creating secure environments. By following these guidelines, businesses can cultivate a resilient digital ecosystem that supports their growth and safeguards their data.


Secure your M365 Tenant for FREE with these amazing security benchmarks! The CIS Benchmarks are the result of broad community consensus and involve secure configuration guidelines tailored for Microsoft 365. CIS Benchmarks can be accessed at no cost in PDF form for those not seeking commercial benefits.

In this insightful video, Peter Rising [MVP] explores the steps to download these benchmarks at no cost. He guides viewers through the process to enhance the protection of their Microsoft 365 setup. This is a valuable resource for anyone looking to strengthen their system.

CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 offer robust guidance for configuring Microsoft's suite of services securely. They're crafted based on input from security professionals and industry forebears. These benchmarks span various security domains, including user authentication, data governance, apps permissions, storage, and device safeguarding.

The Benchmarks are divided into Foundations and Advanced levels for Microsoft 365. Foundations is tailored for entities newly adopting Microsoft 365, aiming to create a basic security framework. The Advanced tier, on the other hand, suits entities with developed security mechanisms desiring to enforce stricter security rules.

  • Improved security: Employing the CIS Benchmarks can lead to enhanced security within Microsoft 365 environments.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches: These benchmarks are instrumental in recognizing and countering prevalent security threats that could cause data violations.
  • Compliance: Adhering to the benchmarks may assist entities in meeting various regulatory demands, like HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Various formats such as PDF, YAML, and JSON are available for the CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365, allowing organizations to gauge their existing security measures, spot deficiencies, and plan corrective actions. Tools also exist to streamline conducting assessments and instituting fixes.

The Center for Internet Security has also constructed a collection of hardened Azure images that conform to CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365. These pre-configured images facilitate the swift launch of a safeguarded Microsoft 365 setup within the Azure cloud platform.

In conclusion, the CIS Benchmarks are a critical tool for entities looking to upgrade the protection of their Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Adherence to these benchmarks vastly diminishes the threat of data infringements and bolsters regulatory compliance efforts.




Understanding CIS Benchmarks for M365 Security

Secure your M365 Tenant for FREE with these amazing security benchmarks! The CIS Benchmarks are the result of a community consensus process and consist of secure configuration guidelines developed for Microsoft 365.

CIS Benchmarks are freely available in PDF format for non-commercial use.

In this video, I examine how you can access these benchmarks at no cost and apply them to strengthen and defend your Microsoft 365 environment.

CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 are a collection of recommendations for configuring and safeguarding Microsoft 365 services.

Developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), these benchmarks are rooted in best practices from security experts and industry leaders. They span various topics like account and authentication, data management, application permissions, and endpoint security.

  • Improved security by adhering to the CIS Benchmarks, elevating the protection of Microsoft 365 environments.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches through common security risk mitigation.
  • Compliance with standards such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.


Security - Maximize M365 Security for Free with Top Benchmarks!


People also ask

How do I secure my Microsoft 365 tenant?

To secure your Microsoft 365 tenant, you should implement multiple layers of security measures. These include configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users, ensuring that your password policies are robust, and using the Security & Compliance Center to set up threat protection like anti-malware and anti-phishing policies. Regularly review your security settings and audit logs, train users on security best practices, and keep up to date with Microsoft's security updates and recommendations.

What is the benchmark score for Microsoft security?

Microsoft does not provide a universal benchmark score for security as the score can vary depending on the organization's size, industry, and specific use cases. However, within the Microsoft 365 Security Center, the Microsoft Secure Score tool gives you insight into your organization's security posture with a score based on your configurations, user behavior, and other security-related measurements. It's recommended to strive for a score that's above the average compared to similar organizations, continually working to improve your score over time.

How to get free Office 365 tenant?

To get a free Office 365 tenant, you can sign up for the Office 365 developer program. This program gives you a one-year renewable Office 365 developer subscription, which includes access to a free tenant for development purposes. Another option is to sign up for a trial of Microsoft 365, which provides temporary access to the suite of cloud services without charge, typically for 30 days. Keep in mind that these options are intended for testing and development, not for long-term, production use.

What is a good Office 365 security score?

A good Office 365 security score is one that reflects an organization's implementation of recommended security features and practices. While the score can vary based on your organization's specific situation, generally, a higher score indicates a more robust security posture. It's important to understand the recommended actions that improve your security score and not just focus on the score itself. Regularly reviewing and enhancing your security measures is key to maintaining a strong defense against threats.



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