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Seamless M365 Inter-Tenant Collaboration with Entra ID
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Microsoft Entra
Apr 27, 2024 12:26 PM

Seamless M365 Inter-Tenant Collaboration with Entra ID

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Empower seamless M365 collaboration with Entra IDs new multi-tenant features!

Key insights


  • Microsoft Entra ID multi-tenant organization platform capabilities are now generally available, enhancing collaboration across tenants.
  • Organizations can integrate multiple tenants to streamline collaboration, particularly beneficial for those undergoing mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring.
  • Features such as B2B collaboration, cross-tenant access settings, and cross-tenant synchronization have been deployed to enable better application sharing and user management across tenants.
  • Unified chat across tenants in Microsoft Teams and seamless cross-tenant employee engagement in Viva Engage enhance the collaborative experience.
  • Entra ID multi-tenant organization licensing requires only one Microsoft Entra ID P1 license per employee, per multi-tenant organization, fostering efficient and cost-effective implementation.

Expanding Collaboration Beyond Tenant Boundaries

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, organizations are seeking solutions to enhance collaboration and communication across different segments of their operations. Microsoft's introduction of Entra ID multi-tenant organization capabilities marks a significant advancement in this direction.

This platform facilitates seamless integration and collaboration across various tenants, ensuring that enterprises undergoing transformations such as mergers, acquisitions, or internal restructuring can maintain effective and streamlined operations. By leveraging features like B2B collaboration, cross-tenant access settings, and cross-tenant synchronization, businesses can ensure their employees have the necessary access to collaborate effectively. Furthermore, the general availability of unified chat in Microsoft Teams and engaging community experiences in Viva Engage, powered by Entra ID multi-tenant organization capabilities, exemplifies Microsoft's commitment to enhancing workplace collaboration and efficiency.

In this example, we’ll follow Contoso EMEA and Contoso APAC, two divisions of Contoso Conglomerate. Employees from Contoso EMEA and APAC are already using Microsoft Entra to share apps across tenants. Now they need to communicate across tenants using Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage. Leaders in the organization need to share announcements and storylines across the organization and employees need to chat using Teams. Let’s look at how the admins at Contoso configure their multi-tenant organization to meet these needs.

  • The tenant administrators of Contoso EMEA and Contoso APAC agree to form an Entra ID multi-tenant organization, facilitated by an invite-and-accept flow between them.
  • Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage applications in Contoso EMEA (APAC) will now interpret any external member users of identity provider Contoso APAC (EMEA) as employees of the multi-tenant organization with corresponding improved collaboration experience.

Simplifying the licensing model to require just one Entra ID P1 license per employee, per organization enhances its attractiveness by making it more cost-effective and straightforward for companies to adopt and implement.

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Microsoft Entra - Seamless M365 Inter-Tenant Collaboration with Entra ID

People also ask

What is the difference between cross-tenant synchronization and multi tenant organization?

Answer: In the landscape of Microsoft 365, organizations embracing multitenancy synchronize users across tenants through the utilization of Microsoft Entra ID B2B collaboration users, whereas cross-tenant synchronization provides a more automated approach in handling the creation, updates, and deletion of these B2B collaboration users.

How do I convert single tenant app to multitenant on Microsoft Entra ID?

To adapt an app registration to multitenancy within the Microsoft Entra admin center, one must first access the specific app registration desired for update. Within this registration, by selecting the 'Authentication' section and navigating to 'Supported account types', the setting can be altered to 'Accounts in any organizational directory', thus making the registration multitenant.

What is cross-tenant collaboration?

Cross-tenant collaboration within the realm of Microsoft Entra ID is characterized as a one-directional synchronization service geared towards the automated creation, update, and removal of B2B collaboration users across different tenants in an organizational framework. For further insight, resources such as 'Configure cross-tenant synchronization' and the documentation on Multitenant organizations are recommended.

What is Microsoft Entra ID tenant?

A tenant within the context of Microsoft Entra ID signifies an organization in its entirety, comprising a dedicated instance of Entra ID bestowed upon an organization or app developer at the commencement of their engagement with Microsoft. This initiation could emerge through various avenues, including subscriptions to Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft 365, among others.



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